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Report # 5535  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, December 27, 2002.
Elk hunters threatened by deep, angry growl in Jemez Mountains
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YEAR: 1998

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 1st to 15th

STATE: New Mexico

COUNTY: Sandoval County

LOCATION DETAILS: Seven mile East of Cuba near the new baca ranch location

NEAREST TOWN: Cuba, New Mexico

NEAREST ROAD: state forest RD 126

OBSERVED: I live in Albuquerque New Mexico in the summer of 1998 during the September elk Hunt I had an experence while stalking for elk with a hunting buddy of mine I had the feeling something was near but could not tell what. I stopped and waited for a while but nothing when we started do walk again we heard a very loud and low growl and I mean a loud and low growl near by. I have been hunting far a long time now and have been in the wilderness since I was a boy and have never heard anything like this it scared my partner very much and since I was the only one armed with a firearm he did not leave my side for the rest of the day. I had an idea of what it was but kept it to myself and did not want to scare my friend more I told him it was just a bull in heat as their was cattle all through the area he kind of believed me when we got back to camp we kept the enconter to ourselves. A few other things happened that week the next day we found a bear hunting dog in camp he was very scared of something and very hungry we tried to get hold of him to check his collar but he would have nothing of it he would stay close to camp but not close enough to get him we finally had to leave him there. Also the next day I kept my eyes and ears open some of the elk rubs did not look right not till a couple of years later did I connect what I was seeing some of the them where tree twists not scrapes like an elk would do reading some books I have read say that sasquatch mark there territory this way. In 2000 I was deer hunting this time with most of the same people not in the same area while sitting around the fire I just happen to say something about bigfoot some of the people laughed but some did not so I took a chance and told them about 1998 hunting trip that night I found out the night before I got there the hunting party heard some loud screams and moans from the hill nearby it scarred them enough that they all armed themselves. Some of them to this day still do not believe but I have played a recording of sasquatch sounds for some of them and they say that was it. I know that New Mexico would not seem bigfoot country most people think of it as all desert but it is not we have one of the largest elk populations in the country and lately we are having more sittings where I herd the growl is not far from the Colorado border and two other sittings in southern NM near Ruidoso which has a large elk heard. I know what I heard and it was not anything I have heard before not a bear or big cat or a bull it almost sounded human and very powerfull it thrilled me and scare me but I know it is real and out there to think other wise would not be sensable.

ALSO NOTICED: A hunting dog was found and some strange looking
elk rubs.

OTHER WITNESSES: One my hunting buddy and day before 6 others
hunting and sitting around the camp fire.

OTHER STORIES: None other than what I have read from your site about New Mexico

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning may 8:30 A.M. Bright
and sunny day

ENVIRONMENT: High Desert mountian Oak brush Pinion and Ponderosa Pine tree

Follow-up investigation report:

The submitter is an avid big game hunter and very familiar with elk, bear, and mountain lion behavior and vocalizations. He has heard many elk and mountain lion vocalizations in his life and believes these vocalizations were nothing like any he has ever heard. Specifically, he indicated that the volume, resonance, and "baseness" of the growls were greater than that of any other animal he has heard and most like the bigfoot recordings linked on the BFRO web site. I asked the submitter what message he thought was being conveyed by the growl - "get the heck out of here" was his response. The growl was so frightening to this avid woodsman that he stopped hunting for the day and retreated to camp after hearing them. He and several others were bow hunting in the area and he was carrying a small side arm solely as a bear deterrent should the need arise. According to the submitter, he saw very little bear sign (tracks, scat, etc.) that year, much less than expected.

The submitter also indicated that the tree damage he noted was not consistent with elk rubs. The damaged trees were altered at a level too high for most elk and the bark was not rubbed or scraped as one would expect from antler damage. Instead the trees, most of which were from 1 - 2 inches in diameter, typically had only a few small branches broken and then the main trunk twisted and broken off at about 7 feet above the ground. He also indicated that there were no claw marks as one might expect from bear damage.

The other members of the hunting party which he referrs to as having heard vocalizations before he arrived are also of the opinion that they heard something completely unknown to them. Two have concluded that the responsible animal was a sasquatch. The submitter added that these other members were so frightened that they spent a good deal of the night armed and locked in their vehicles. This happened only after the animal vocalizing had moved so close to camp that they felt intimidated. Considering that the camp had a fire going at the time, this aggressive behavior seems unlikely from an elk, coyote, bear, or mountain lion. The individuals who were part of this earlier event have been asked to submit details of their encounter to the BFRO.

Not much can be understood from the arrival of the lost and frightened dog at their camp, other than to note that it wore a radio collar and was of the curly haired breed of dog typically used by bear hunters in the area.

The two vocalization incidents and the tree breaks provide evidence consistent with sasquatch activity. Although not conclusive, these events point toward activity not representative of known animals in the Jemez Mountains. The witness has provided accurate, credible observations to support the likelihood that the activity noted was the result of one or more sasquatch.

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