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Report # 5321  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, November 16, 2002.
Having morning coffee and looking out the window, man sees tall black "ape" walking in his woods
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: weekend

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Tuscola County

LOCATION DETAILS: Thumb of Michigan. On (edited), just north of Marlette Road.

NEAREST TOWN: Kingston, Michigan

NEAREST ROAD: (edited)

OBSERVED: Ok, I Have decided to tell you my story after much thought. I do not want any media involved please. My wife and I purchased our home near Kingston, Michigan in Febuary of 1999. We were having coffee in the morning on a weekend, date I cannot recall but it was shortly after, still in February. As we were having our coffee I was looking off into the woods behind our home and saw a tall pitch black "ape" walking from south to the north. It was erect, however slightly leaning forward, not straight up. It's arms were long and just kinda swinging loosely as it passed. It traveled about twenty feet in my view. I saw only it's right side. My wife did not see it and it is really hard for her to take me serious. I don't blame her though. There was some snow on the ground but very scant. No foot prints. Ground was frozen. I was going to investigate packing my 9mm but took something with more power because this thing was huge.

ALSO NOTICED: No, not that I can remember, tried to report everything in my story above. Feels like I am being watched at times when I am in the woods.

OTHER WITNESSES: No sorry, just me. I know what I saw, no doubt.

OTHER STORIES: In the fall of 99 my brother was going to hunt deer in our woods and told me he was going to build a blind down by the swamp in the south west of our 20 acres. An hour or so later I walked back there to see how he was doing. I heard what sounded like logs being thrown around and I thought it to be strange, like what the hell is he building. The area is real thick with under growth and trees both living and dead so to get my direction straight I hollered his name. The sound stopped and I hollered several times only to hear silence. I remember feeling odd at that time. I continued forward into the swamp, I was looking down to avoid tripping on debri and I saw for only a second something big move across in between two big bush type trees in front of me. It didn't make hardly any noise though, it was very light on it's feet not like you would think for something of it's size. So this part of my story is just odd, not like an actual sighting. But I do believe (what I saw in February) was a bigfoot.

Also a contractor that built a pole building for us told me in a conversation that he hunts an awfull lot north of us a few miles where there is a big swamp. I asked him if he had seen anything unusual while hunting. He replied just what are we talking about. I replied "you know" have you seen anything that let's say "should'nt be there. He replied no but said that his brother-in-law saw a big hairy ape going under some under brush while he was hunting deer. It was pitch black and was on all fours. Just like an ape would move about. Except he said it was much bigger than any ape he'd seen at the zoo. He told me how he ridiculed his brother-in-law, as did his brother in law's wife. Two weeks later his wife saw the thing out a window of their house. She didn't laugh any more.

I don't know what else to add to this at this time but will be glad to answer questions.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning, full blue sky,sunny.

ENVIRONMENT: Rolling, treed, thick and open in spots, near several swamps and ponds, a few lakes. Elms, birch, white ash, Poplar, cherry, scrub bushes. Dead and living trees, lots of cover. Man made creek. Pretty here.

Follow-up investigation report:

After playing telephone-tag for several days, this witness and I made an appointment by email and he called when he said he would. We spent close to an hour discussing his sighting and other area activity.

The Thumb area of Michigan is flat, filled with farms and small towns. At first glance, it would not appear to be an area where one would expect any BF sightings. However, it is an area with much reported activity over many years.

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