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Report # 4969  (Class B)
Submitted by witness D.T. on Tuesday, May 16, 2000.
Silhouette seen protruding above brushline near Mogadore Reservoir.
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YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Summer


COUNTY: Portage County

LOCATION DETAILS: Relatively undeveloped country setting. Near intersection of Sunnybrook Rd and Saxe Road.


NEAREST ROAD: Sunnybrook Road

OBSERVED: I was walking home from a friends house. I decided to walk the road home instead of cutting through the "dark scary" woods. I was about 100 yds from my friends house when I got that strange hair raising feeling. I looked up on the hill to my right and I saw the silhouette of what looked like a man standing in the scrub-brush. Now I've hunted this scrub brush many many times and very rarely could I see over the top of it. What I saw was what looked like a man standing in the brush with his top half protruding above the top of the brush. This as you may have guessed scared the hell out of me. Ironically I think it was just as scared as I was, because at just about the same time we both took off in opposite directions.

ALSO NOTICED: The only thing I noticed unusual was that the tree frogs seemed awfully quiet that night

OTHER WITNESSES: no other witnesses

OTHER STORIES: Too much too list right now. I would however like to be contacted to further discuss the occurrences. They include multiple people hearing screams and howls. Camp site being stalked.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Warm summer night, early Saturday or Sunday morning around 1:00 am bright moonlit night

ENVIRONMENT: Geography: Farmers fields were behind the creature. It seemed to be heading towards Mogadore Reservoir. Area has many farms and is heavily wooded elsewhere.

Follow-up investigation report:

Secondary Followup by Bruce Beekman

I made contact with the witness in the Portage County report, D. T. and visited him and the areas where the incidents took place. I viewed the area along the roadway where the sighting in his report happened.

He also took me to a couple other areas with reports as follows: He was stayng at a friends house very close by one night about a year or so prior to the road sighting. They had an in ground pool at the time and had gravel right around the pool area. While they were inside fooling around talking on the phone, he heard footsteps on the gravel at aprox 10-11 pm. They ran upstairs and turned all the lights off and heard more steps leaving the gravel.They looked outside and his freind could see a small sapling moving a little against the dark sky.They got a shotgun and took the screen out of the window and listened for approx 1/2 hr but didnt hear any more. His friend decide to let go with a shotgun blast and all hell broke loose. They heard the creature take off into the woods and in doin so broke off a 3" sapling about 4-5' above the ground.

A short time later the parents arrived home and they recited the story to them. They were told not to repeat the story to anyone. They found 1 indentation in wet leaves the next day which was estimated about the size of a cinder block.

Another encounter was during a campout in the woods not too far from the above incident in a small clearing in dense forrest. This also took place within a year or so of the other incidents (mid 80s). The witness and two friends were camping in the clearing and were in the tent goofing off getting ready to go to sleep when they heard steps and snapping sticks approx 25 yards out. It circled the tent staying about the same distance away. When it got part way around they coud smell a very foul odor like something rotten. It circled the tent twice in about 10 minutes and the moved away.

Screams and howls have been heard by several people starting about when they moved in, in 1974. Soon after this, they had been playing cards and drinking beer one night and stepped out on the porch for some relief when they heard a scream right at the edge of the woods. They grabbed a spotlight but saw nothing. Other similar screams were heard across the road from these houses on other ocasions. There have been no recent incidents by this witness because he doesnt get out to the area much anymore He does not claim to know exactly what creatures caused these incidents but seems very sincere and honest with regards to what he experienced.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Beekman

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