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Report # 4839  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 23, 2002.
Family observes sasquatch along Bethel Road near Lancaster
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YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 22

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Lancaster County

LOCATION DETAILS: Bethel Road near the Catawba River close to Highway 200



OBSERVED: I was driving home around 9:00PM on Bethel Rd. just off of Hwy 200 with my daughter and her son. I came around a curve and saw something ahead on the left side of the road. I applied the brakes slowly and drove on the wrong side of the road to get a better look without saying anything to my family. After I passed it I looked at my daughter and asked her "What was that?"
She said it looked like a gorilla .I told her it did to me also. My grandson said it just ran across to road into the woods on the other side.It stood upright without a slump like a Gorilla.It ran in the same manner. It was maybe
5 & feet tall with a small head broad shoulders.The color was solid black.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 we were visiting my other daughter who lives in Lancaster

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 9:00PM Dark with a full moon
my headlighes were on bright
the weather was clear.

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest near Catawaba River

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to the witness who filed the report and learned the following:

The creature appeared on the left side of the road and the driver (the writer of this report) was not sure what it was and thought deer so she turned her headlights over on it and got a surprise... it just stood there perfectly erect and not moving. She told me she thought the head was gorilla looking and especially small for the body, and this was seconded by her daughter.

Hair covered the head and any potential ears. A dark animal, all black, it stood and moved off later behind the car, slowly crossing the road erect as well. (The grandson was said to have turned to look behind and saw it cross behind the car, although in my interview that wasn't very clear because everything happened so fast and everyone was so excited.)
The closest the car got to the BF was approximately ten feet. She said she could see no skin through the hair, including the face. I asked about hands and she said she didn't see them but noticed it had long arms that hung down while it stood in the erect position. She felt maybe the hands were in a fist position.

The sighting took place approximately 25 miles from where she lives and she mentioned that in her opinion there wouldn't be anyone walking down this road at night since there was nothing on this road except a single church. On one side of the road was a ditch where it was standing, on the other side was a hill, and the road was surrounded by pine forest. She also told me it was heavily built, she could see no neck. The daughter mentioned later that she could see that the chest was heavy and powerful looking. In addition, the brother of the witness was used as a comparison, he is well over 200 pounds at 6 feet 4 inches. She said this creature was significantly bigger. After thinking about her brother and what she saw she felt she underestimated the height of the creature in her excitement in the original report.

The other prime witness, a daughter of the driver, gave the following information in a separate interview : Her view was limited since the subject was to her left and then she had to look around her mother as they drove by it. She saw a gorilla looking animal, from the midriff up. She recognized no breasts, just a powerful chest. She was bewildered, curious and very interested in driving around more looking for it. After they drove past it and went home, the daughter remarked how much she wished they would have turned around and observed it further. She said nothing to disagree with her mother and additionally served as an independent comparison. She agrees it was gorilla looking and can offer little more in the way of detail except that it was off the road standing erect, lower than the road.

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