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Report # 4767  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 7, 2002.
Brothers have nighttime sighting near Leaf River Wildlife Management Area
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YEAR: 1997


STATE: Mississippi

COUNTY: George County

NEAREST TOWN: Buzzard roost

NEAREST ROAD: highway 26

OBSERVED: My brother and I were driving around at night looking for deer as we did often. He was driving.I spotted gold eyes to the left side of the road about eighty yards in front and ten yards off the road. It was standing with its back to a barbed wire fence in two to three foot tall sage grass. As we approached my brother slowed the truck and slightly turned to shine what it was.The thing was about six feet in height had long brown hair on its head and down his shoulders.the face was dark and we were unable to make out features. It was swaying side to side.As we passed by slowly I hollered stop but my brother kept going.Usually my brother stops when a good buck is spotted. He wouldnt go back either.We are both hunters and know all the critters in our area. This was not a bear. I know of two hunters that were run out of the woods in the area by something that stunk and made noises that gave them willies a couple years prior.Both men are locals who hunt as we do.

OTHER WITNESSES: myself and brother

OTHER STORIES: two avid hunters scared from woods.also have heard an old woman was feeding a wild man behind her home in area.sounds crazy.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around eleven calm.

ENVIRONMENT: south of leaf river management area pine forest swamp At border of forrest and private land.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

I was able to talk with both the reporting witness and his brother by phone. The reporting witness described the creature's body build as stout and the head as rounded looking without a forward projecting muzzle. He said the hair looked "rugged but not tangled". Neither witness noticed any associated odor or sounds.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.

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