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Report # 435  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Doris M. on Wednesday, October 11, 2000.
Daylight sighting by husband and wife near home near Valhermosa Springs
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YEAR: 2000


MONTH: October

DATE: 10/10/2000

STATE: Alabama

COUNTY: Morgan County

LOCATION DETAILS: south of tennesse river in morgan county valhermosa springs area cabbage patch road near creek area

NEAREST TOWN: valhermosa springs

NEAREST ROAD: cabbage patch rd

OBSERVED: oct 10 2000 valhermosa springs morgan county alabama. I and my husband were driving down cabbage patch, a narrow gravel road near pine thicket, looking for deer when husband said what is that. I looked and said what the heck is that. I saw a large brown object slightly bent over as if to pick up something. it raised straight upon two legs had long arms broad shoulders and stood about 7 to 8 foot tall, very hairy. about that time it ran in to the pine thicket with the speed of lighting. We were about 20 to 30 yards from it.

we went back to the sight the next morning and we found a small foot print about 8 inches long and a big foot print about 13 inches long in sight of where we seen it. we found some hair on a fence and metal poles that have been step on and bent over the fence was pulled up off the post and bottom fence all the way to the ground. we found a percimon in the area that it was seen and there was no percimon tree no where around. the sightening was about 1:30 pm CST

it was about a 1/2 a mile from my house

ALSO NOTICED: we found hair on bob wire fence and fence pulled apart and metal poles had been bent. we all so found 8 inch track and a 13 inch track and a percimon and there was no percimon tree no where around

OTHER WITNESSES: there was 2 i was drivng husband looking for deer

OTHER STORIES: a week before my brother and law was scouting and heard a couple of screams like he had never heard before it wasnt human and wasnt like any animal he had heard before an and he knows his animals hes a big hunter

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 1:30 pm very bright and sunny 60 degrees

ENVIRONMENT: pine forrest back creek small bridge gravel road

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