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Report # 4196  (Class A)
Submitted by witness E.H. on Wednesday, April 24, 2002.
Night sighting on Hwy 97, north of Liberty Hill
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YEAR: 1982 or 83

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 07/15/82

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Kershaw County

LOCATION DETAILS: After leaving Liberty Hil, heading north on SC Highway 97. The road is a decending grade through a hilly area for about 5 miles or so, with several curves. The sighting was probably 3 to 4 mikes into the decent.

NEAREST TOWN: Liberty Hill, Sc

NEAREST ROAD: State Highway 97

OBSERVED: In the 1980 to 1985 time period, my wife and I spent almost every week-end spring through fall at my sister's place on Santee Cooper, and because we liked travelling off the beaten path, usually travelled on highway 97 through Liberty Hill, SC both ways. to Cross, SC. One Sunday evening very late (11:00pm or so) as we drove toward Great Falls on highway 97, I rounded a curve to the right, and saw a big erect creature with a very athletic body, and covered with hair, crossing the road about 50 feet in front of me. I hit the breaks to avoid hitting the creature, aand shouted, "Look! " to my wife, who was about to nod off in the passenger's seat. The creature turned his head to look at me, and continued to cross the road into the trees.

He walked with an easy stride, and did not seem to be hurrying, but crossed the road very quickly. By the time my wife looked up and oriented in the direction I was looking, she only got a brief glimpse before it entered the dense woods.

I stopped and backed the jeep to where I thought he had crossed the road, and searched with a dim flashlight, but could find no tracks or other sign. I also did not notice any unusual smells, but I have a very poor sense of smell. My wife wouldn't get out of the jeep, and thought I was a nut to do so.

The area of the sighting is heavily forested, with a large, lightly developed lake and several several creeks and swamps around. There is a lot of game such as deer and turkey.

We had past Liberty Hill heading North. The road at that point was a gently decending grade through a hilly area with winding curves. The night was relatively dark. I don't remember whether there was no moon or whether there was an overcast. The weather was comfortable in summer clothing.

The creature's hair was distinctly dark brown or black, and covered him(it) completely. The hair was not especially long. The face was more human than apelike. The body build was very athletic and stocky, but not fat. I think it was over 6 feet tall, but didn't have anything of known height to compare to. It crossed the road, from the center of the right lane to the woods on the left, in about three strides. The road was a standard width, two lane blacktop state highway, with a painted centerline

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife. In car with me, about to nod off.

OTHER STORIES: I just saw report # 546, which made me decide to report my experience. I have not reported it before, but did tell some of my daughters about it a few years back.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around 11:00 to 11:30 pm
Dark night, either overcast or no moon,weather dry and comfortable in shirt sleeves

ENVIRONMENT: Forest of mixed hardwoods and pines. Wateree Lake ( a large undeveloped lake) on my left about a mile from the road. Many creeks in the area. Sparcely populated. Much wildlife.

Follow-up investigation report:

E.H. told me that this incident happened quickly. The creature looked at him as it crossed the road and although the view of the shoulders was not straight on, he could tell they were wide. I asked about the neck on the animal and he stated there was one and you could see it, but it was not prominent.

At its closest, the creature was approximately 50 feet away. The observer had to brake for it. Surprised, but more intrigued, E.H felt this creature was approximately that of his own height - around six feet tall. But he mentioned to me that he did not have anything to really compare it to, so that was just his best guess given the circumstances.

The movement of the sasquatch was fast and the incident happened quickly with E.H. pointing it out to his wife, who saw the hairy back as it entered the woods. As it entered the woods it seemed to just melt into it. It didn't really separate the vegetation. The woods it entered were described as maybe 20 to 30 year old growth.

Words like powerful, athletic adult (basketball player), light on its feet, and muscular were used to describe its movements. Its hair seemed well groomed and it gave a look of intelligent eyes. Its body proportions were human-like but perhaps it was longer waisted. Also, the hair on the body seemed uniform with the head hair, maybe being just a bit longer.

No eye reflection was noticed and I asked about a possible brow and E.H. felt that there was. He had the feeling that hair was covering most if not all of the face of this creature.
He did NOT remember a sloping forehead but felt that the brow area either was enlarged or had more hair there. Its nose was not particularly prominent.

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