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Report # 41739  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, July 28, 2013.
Motorist watches massive bipedal figure cross a rural road south of Gaffney
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YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Cherokee County

LOCATION DETAILS: [Exact location details omitted.] Location is near pine forest, creek runs along side and there are a number of large farms in the location.


NEAREST ROAD: Highway 105

OBSERVED: I was traveling up [road name omitted] about 7am or a little after. I was topping the hill when movement caught my eyes, about 800 to 900 ft. ahead. It was large and dark colored. When I got to the spot it crossed the road, I slowed down some to see if I could see if it was still there. I was still driving so I couldn't just take my eyes completely off the road, (I should have stopped) but as much a I could, I looked up the small hill, there was a massive creature on top of the hill with gray coarse hair about 3 to 4 in. long. Its chest was massive and it had a white spot in its chest about two foot across. I was so in amazement it never even occurred to me to look up. Its chest was about 3 ft. across and on each side of the white there was about 6 to 7 in. of more coarse gray hair, the color of a gray fox or coyote. I went back after work, but did not find tracks or disturbance of any kind. There was an overpowering smell. It smelled like fresh meat, like a meat locker.

ALSO NOTICED: fresh meat smell


TIME AND CONDITIONS: early daylight, 7 to 7:20 am

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest, swamp, creeks

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt:

I spoke with the witness at length about the creature that she observed in southern Cherokee County.

The sighting occurred in the early morning during the witness' drive to work. She initially saw the creature traveling from south to north across a semi-open pasture adjacent to a creek. It crossed the road beside the creek, heading toward a densely wooded area of pine forest. It was moving very quickly.

She was able to see the relative size of the creature as it moved across the road at a distance from her, and again as she drove by the area where it crossed. At this time, she was able to get a much closer look at it.

It was clearly upright, and covered in coarse, charcoal gray hair. Interestingly, she stated that it had a section of hair on its chest that was nearly snow white. She likened the texture of the creature's hair to that of a yak. She kept emphasizing how massive the creature was; its chest being roughly three feet in breadth.

She told me that she had no doubt that the creature she saw that morning was a sasquatch.

When she returned to the location after completing her work day, she didn't see any blatant sign of the creature, but she did notice that there was an overpowering smell of flesh in the air. Her husband is an avid deer hunter who processes his own venison, so she is familiar with the smell. She likened it to the smell of a deer meat locker.

Two major waterways form the southeastern and southwestern boundaries of Cherokee County; the Pacolet River, and the Broad River. The sighting occurred only a few miles from the confluence of these two waterways.

About BFRO Investigator Matt Pruitt:

Matt Pruitt grew up in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, and has been conducting active sasquatch research for several years in various parts of the country.

Matt has attended/organized the following expeditions:

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Matt is a trained visual tracker. During the summer of 2007, Matt co-instructed a tracking course for BFRO members in the Southeast. In 2009, he co-instructed an updated version of the same course for BFRO members in Utah. He currently lives in Northeast Georgia.

He can be contacted at

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