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Report # 4093  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Dennis M. on Wednesday, December 9, 1998.
Daytime sighting between Pocahontas and Imboden
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YEAR: 1977


STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Randolph County

LOCATION DETAILS: Randolph county between Pocahontas & Imboden AR about 1 1/2 miles down Squrriel Rd.


OBSERVED: My dog started barking at something on the hill, that is where the road is up on a ridge, our property descended down at a slope of about 20 degrees. When dog started barking he would usually run up the hill to investigate, but not this time. I had tamed this dog which was 1/2 shepherd & 1/2 Wolf. The dog was the leader of a Wolf pack at one time & that dog wasn't afraid of anything, but he would not leave the yard. The dog had a son about 2 years old & he was whimpering under the house.

I would have never seen this if the dog had not have been barking. The creature was walking along the road on the hill about 200 yards away. The creature stopped and looked at us then turned & started walking down the hill toward the dog. Well, about 20' off the road we had an electric fence & on this fence we used copper-steel-weld wire, copper coated steal basically, you could pull a car with stuff. The creature walked through the fence like it was honey suckle vine. I heard the fence break one second later & I heard the sounds of it falling all across the hill, it makes weird sound when I breaks. The creature looked down & around then looked I me and I am still standing there scared stiff not knowing if I should move of not, then it turns & begins to walk a lot faster in the other direction, it was only seconds until the creature disappeared over the hill. Later that day, after my parents got home, I went up the hill with my dad to look for any evidence, but there was drought that year & the ground was so dry there were no footprints. I did notice the tree limb the creature walked under, that was only a foot from its head, but was too high for me to reach, at least 9'.

ALSO NOTICED: I noticed the creature does not like dogs, or anthing that brings attention to it.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was the only one who saw it, my parents still don't believe me that I saw Bigfoot, they think I saw something because I was so scarred. I said if think it is my imagination what broke the fence? They said it was probabaly a horse, but horse doesn't walk on two legs & swing it's arms.

ENVIRONMENT: We lived in a valley surrounded by hills, at the time very few people lived there & the countyside had a lot of brushes & trees to hide behind.

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