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Report # 40618  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 28, 2013.
Motorist brakes to avoid a large hairy biped near Bristol
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YEAR: 2013

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: March

DATE: 28

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Liberty County


NEAREST ROAD: CR 12 North & CR 270

OBSERVED: My Brother in Law was on his way to my house in Liberty County, driving on County Road 270 known as the Torreya state park road just outside of Bristol in Liberty County, when he seen this huge tall black creature walk across the road, he said it took 4 steps and it was gone. He arrived at my house and I asked him to take me back to that spot, when we arrived you can see his skid marks where he slid to try and keep from hitting it, we shined a light into the woods, that's when i seen it, it was at-least 9ft tall and 4ft wide, I myself didn't really believe in bigfoot until I seen it with my own eyes.......



TIME AND CONDITIONS: It had just got dark

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

We met with both witnesses on Tuesday afternoon, April 2nd.
They took us to the spot where witness #1 had left skid marks on the road.

He was on his way to his sister-in-law's house in Bristol when he saw a very large, upright hairy animal standing next to a fence about 15 ft from the road to his right. Illuminated with his headlights, he could see it was standing next to a small tree, and as he got closer, the animal stepped out into the road, took 4 steps and was on the other side and into the woods in just a few seconds. The witness says it was 8-9 feet tall, standing on two legs, very broad, covered in black hair, and thickly built. He had to lock up the brakes on his small truck to avoid hitting the creature as it stepped right out in front of him. We photographed the brake marks on the road.

After telling his story upon arrival, his sister-in-law wanted to see the spot, so he drove her to the place in the road. As they arrived, she could see the marks in the road, and as they pulled up, the headlights illuminated the creature standing just inside the treeline, on the same side it had fled to. She said it was huge, at least 8 ft tall, hunched over, standing next to a broken tree. She described it as black in color, and 4 times the size if her 300 lbs husband. It was looking across the road, then glanced at them, turned and casually walked into the trees. She said it was in no particular hurry. She could see the immense size, black hair color, slightly stooped posture, but could not see facial features.

The tree center photo is where the creature was standing before it stepped into the road:

These are the skid marks where the witness braked and swerved to avoid striking the creature:

This is an area with many recent sightings. The Apalachicola River and Torreya State Park are nearby. Prior Native American inhabitation has been confirmed by archaeological discoveries in the area.

About BFRO Investigator David Bakara:

David has three daughters and a wife that shares his interest in research, both having developed a deep respect for nature and knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife. Attended Northern Florida Expedition 2011, 2012 Washington Exp., and 2012 North Florida exp. Prior US Navy and currently works as a Leasing Agent, spending his time off in the woods as often as he can investigating Bigfoot reports.

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