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Report # 36178  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, August 5, 2012.
Motorist has nighttime sighting near Lake Village
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YEAR: 2012

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 29

STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Chicot County

NEAREST TOWN: Lake Village

OBSERVED: July 29, 2012 my family and I were traveling home from our vacation in Mississippi. We were on a double lane highway in south eastern AR when I saw a tall, large, greyish haired creature standing on his legs, run across the highway about 300 feet in front of my van. It never looked at me, it just ran across the highway. I was so shaken up by what I saw. It was like a human but big and grey haired.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was at night, around 10:30pm. Clear night.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tal H. Branco:

The writer spoke to the witness by telephone on three occasions. From those conversations, the following details can be added to his initial report:

The witness was driving a minivan west at night at a speed near 70 mph on Highway 82. The motorist said that he was about three miles inside Chicot County, AR, after having crossed the Mississippi River bridge from Greenville, MS. His wife was sitting in the front passenger's seat and was looking at her cell phone in her lap. Their children were asleep in the rear seat.

The driver stated that he suddenly saw in the beam of the van's headlights "a tall, large, greyish-haired creature, standing on his legs, run across the highway" about three hundred feet in front of his van. The figure was running from a sparsely wooded area on the right (north) side of the highway and crossed the highway quickly in three long steps. It disappeared in a sparsely wooded area south of the highway. He stated the figure was uniformly covered in greyish hair of unknown length. It appeared that its body was "solid and heavy," and seemed to be between six and eight feet tall. He said the figure's height was a rough estimate because at all times the figure was "hunched over" with its head also leaning slightly down. The figure never turned it head to look toward the van.

Based on statements from the witness and this writer's familiarity with this area, it is believed the motorist saw the figure cross Highway 72 at the Ditch Bayou bridge. Highway 82 closely follows along the south side of Lake Chicot for about ten miles. Ditch Bayou is connected to Lake Chicot, which is noted for its abundance of large catfish, crappie and bass. The figure seen was leaving the lake area.

After speaking with the witness by phone, I found him to be both an articulate and a credible observer.

About BFRO Investigator Tal H. Branco:

Tal Branco is a lifelong resident of AR. He began hunting, fishing and tracking many years ago in south AR. Since he was a teenager, his outdoor activities have been primarily conducted in the Ouachita Mountains, although during the past forty years he has also conducted field investigations of reports of enigmatic and unclassified animals in the southeastern U.S. and in the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

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