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Report # 3498  (Class A)
Submitted by witness no on Wednesday, December 12, 2001.
"Clump of grass" in ditch stands and lopes across road
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YEAR: 1990


MONTH: September

PROVINCE: Manitoba


LOCATION DETAILS: on number six highway between Devils Lake and the
Eastervill turn

NEAREST TOWN: Easterville, Manitoba Canada


OBSERVED: I was driving north on paved Manitoba hyw#6,in the early evening on or about bSeptember 10 , 1990.

A compact truck passed me , and was prceding away from me at a speed slightly in excess of mine.

I could still see the letters on the tail gate , but I could no longer read the name brand of the truck, when an individual stood up in the east ditch , on my right , as the truck past. This individual had blended in to the deep dry grass in the ditch , and was roughly the colour of coconut husk . It looked straight ahead and crossed the road 100 yards in front of me , not looking to either side, and taking huge steps , without bounding. My best discription of it would be a large gibon monkey shaped individual 7 to 8 feet tall, broad chest , narrow waist, and enormous thighs. It was very quick. I saw it enter the evergreen brush , and never saw it again . I phoned home from the first telephone avalible, at Buster' Petrocanada Service Station at the Easterville Road. I have told this same story to several people,and many think I am nuts , but that is exactly what I saw, to the very best of my recollection!

ALSO NOTICED: Sence of anticipation before the incident, cold sweat after.

OTHER WITNESSES: Just me, I was travelling on business to The Pas Manitoba. I had stopped at Devils lake rest stop and had tea

OTHER STORIES: looked up bigfoot sightings after , and found that that is the highest concentration sight in Manitoba. Many witnesses in Gypsumville and Easterville have reported sightings , including peace officers , and a school bus load of kids

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 18:10 Full light, partly cloudy
to the best of my recollection, the labour day Monday

ENVIRONMENT: Spruce bush, scrub forest, log harvested , east side of Lake Winnipegosis , west of north basin of Lake Winnipeg, Sparse population , well travelled road

Follow-up investigation report:

Spoke to witness by phone 12/29/01. He knew little about bigfoot prior to his experience and assumed those who claimed to see the creature "must have been drinking." He saw the creature quite well and said it was not a human, not a bear, not a deer... He concluded immediately after seeing it that it was the bigfoot creature he had heard about. The experience shook him up and he stopped at the first
opportunity to call home to talk about what he'd seen.

He said the creature had been lying flat on its front in the right side ditch prior to it standing and loping across the road to the west. Witness thought the reason it had been lying in ditch was to stay out of sight. Section of road where sighting occurred was little traveled, witness said. "A car or two might pass and then there may not be another for ten or twenty minutes."

The witness was very believable and certain of what he saw - bigfoot.

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