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Report # 34555  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, March 15, 2012.
Woman recalls her nighttime face to face encounter at her window outside Tulsa
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YEAR: 1966

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Tulsa County

LOCATION DETAILS: On the edge of town, new housing. West of Cincinnati near end of 46th st. N.

NEAREST TOWN: edge of Tulsa

NEAREST ROAD: end of 46th St. N

OBSERVED: I had 2 girlfriends spending the night. It was a hot summer evening and we were laying across the bed, instead of with our heads by the headboard, with the window open to catch the breeze. We were talking and laughing, as young girls do, looking out the window occasionally. Approximately midnight, we had settled down some and were just quietly talking about what we had done that day. My mother and sister were sleeping in an adjacent bedroom and we were trying not to wake them. We heard something outside and the three of us raised up to see if we could determine what it was. First it was just footsteps we heard, then the bushes in front of the window moved, shook, and then a large hair covered face rose in the window. The head was huge and my first thought was that it was an ape but realized it wasn't. My two friends rolled away from the window and began crying. I was so completely frozen with fear that I could not move. There was only a screen and a few inches separating me from this creature and I live to this day with that face etched in my memory. The eyes especially, staring directly at me and the smell of something musky. I slowly was able to move and turned and began screaming hysterically. My mother ran to the room turned the light on, we ran out to the living room. We began describing the creature to her and she called the police. They came to our house, searched the area and never found a thing. The experience changed me forever. I tell all of my grandchildren this story and one of my grandsons encouraged me to put this on the web. So here it is. The description of bigfoot, that I have heard over the last few years, fit the creature I saw face to face and I will never forget it.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3, described above

TIME AND CONDITIONS: around midnight. There was a small light on nightstand. Light in the yard about 40 ft. away. Full moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Near hills, wooded areas, creek bed, ponds

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

I spoke to the witness at length over the phone. The witness is a delightful lady who was very happy to visit about the encounter. She was 10 years old at the time, and in her late 50’s now. She and two of her friends were laying on the bed late at night, around 11pm to midnight. The bed was right up close to the window. The house sits on a raised concrete foundation and the bottom of the window is about 6 feet off the ground. They had the window open, but the screen was closed. They were enjoying the breeze and looking to see if anyone else on the small street was awake. There were no street lights in the neighborhood at that time. There were bushes in front of the window but there was a good sized space between the window and the bushes. They all heard the bushes rustling and did not think much of it, but were curious to see what was making the noise.

As they turned to look, the witness was face to face with the animal. She estimates she was between 6 – 12 inches between them. She remembers it vividly. The animal had brownish hair. The hair was longer on the shoulders and shorter on the face. She does not distinctly remember a neck as it was covered with hair. The hair was matted. The animal did not open its mouth. It had a slight brow ridge, but it was not overly excessive. What is burned in her mind, were the eyes. They were darker in color and they had a little white around them. The white part was very bloodshot. The witness stated that as a 10 year-old she felt scared of the eyes, but as she has thought about the encounter over the years, she now feels, “That it was studying us, observing us, and that is was not threatening.” The top of the head was about three inches below the bottom section of the window which would place it somewhere between 6’6” to over 7’ tall. She estimates that while it seemed like an eternity, the duration of time where she was staring at the animal was between 10 to 15 seconds before she turned and screamed. After her mom came in the room, she remembers smelling an almost skunk like smell, a musky smell. But the smell was not overpowering, it was mild in strength.

The police were called and the next day they came and did a thorough investigation. No evidence was found, but that is not surprising. It was late summer in Oklahoma and had not rained in a long time making impressions virtually impossible.

The encounter has had a life changing effect on her. She knows what she saw was a sasquatch and has no doubts about that. She also stated that she never opens her windows at night anymore.

The house, at that time, sat on the edge of some woods. The woods were hilly and had several creeks in them. I asked if she heard any sounds such as dogs barking. She replied that she remembers that her neighbors did not have dogs, so that was not unusual. She tells the story to her children and grandchildren and they were the ones who encouraged her to submit the report. She spoke to one of the other witnesses, her friend, a few years ago, but did not bring up the subject. She will try to contact them and if possible, I will interview her also. She emphasized several times the eyes of the animal. At the very end of the conversation, she was trying to describe them further and she said that they “Reminded her of the eyes on one of the Bigfoot shows.” After some discussion, we concluded that it is the eyes on the book “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science”.

About BFRO Investigator Bill S.:

Bill is a business owner who has attended OK 2011, AR 2012, CO 2012, NM 2013, NC 2014, CO 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and several private expeditions.

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