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Report # 3064  (Class B)
Submitted by witness R. B. on Saturday, September 1, 2001.
Bowhunter finds twisted trees, tracks, scat, & unusual sounds
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YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 9/1/01

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Polk County

LOCATION DETAILS: Gated forest road # 7 on north side of highway 18 about two miles west of Grande Rhonde, OR

NEAREST TOWN: Grande Rhonde


OBSERVED: I sumited a report to you of a sighting I had last September in Polk County, Oregon. I was asked if I was interested in looking for tracks in that area. At the time I said, "No".

The area that I had my sighting seemed promising enough for me to check it out on the last two days of bow season last year. I found an excellent hunting area for this year. I had almost forgotten why I went up there in the first place and that was to satisfy my couriosity about possible bigfoot activity. This morning 9/1/01 I was hunting in the area. I have been hunting in the area all week. I heard a strange noise and then a large tree fell in the forest. I will explain later. I believe I have found indistinct tracks in several areas. In these areas I saw and photographed trees that are snapped off in an unusual manner.

ALSO NOTICED: I found large impressions in the ground under snapped off tree limbs and tree tops. I found deer/elk hair stuck to a tree 11 feet off the ground. I was bow hunting and I had spooked
a doe that ran into the woods, she went into the woods about 50 feet and came to a dead stop turned and ran right back at me as if somthing in the tree line scared her more than I did. I herd a wo,wo,woo sound followed by a scream/holler, then a large tree fell to the earth. I left the area for a little while on my way out I found tree limbs and tree top broken under them. I found impressions in the forest floor approx. 14x7. I tryed to cast 2 of the impressions however I do not know how to really do this so the only detail I got was size.
last night 9/1/01, when I went back to make the impressions and take photo's I herd several diffrent noises. one noise was a sound of knocking on a tree with a stick
I responded by tapping my arrow on the riser of my bow this went on for 20min. No humans in the area.

OTHER STORIES: Previous nighttime sighting of large bipedal creature crossing road in same basic area (Grande Rhonde): Sighting Report #548


ENVIRONMENT: Second-growth alder/fir coastal forest

Follow-up investigation report:

Met with witness R.B. at his workplace. He showed me photos of broken/twisted alder trees that he found in his hunting area. He described strange noises and ususual events that occurred and are mentioned in the sighting report above. In addition to the "whoop-whoop" noises, he describes a "scream/holler" that he heard, as well as being charged by a terrified deer, and seeing a nearby tree suddenly fall. He also described heavy, bipedal footsteps that he heard from the nearby thickets, and related the palpable sensation of being watched. He also felt a menacing presence which prompted him to immediately leave the area, but not before he discovered a very fresh and very large animal scat lying in the middle of the logging road.

He gathered a 6" piece of the much larger scat, which he described as smelling so strongly that he could barely approach it, much less pick it up. He froze the scat as soon as he got home and gave me the scat for examination. It appears to consist principally of animal fur that is compressed into disc-like sections. It has an intensely foul odor even when frozen. He also found a few reddish-brown hairs, 4" to 5" long in a tree which he saved and gave me for analysis. He thought they may be deer or elk.

While one is seldom certain, I consider the constellation of events described by the witness as being consistent with bigfoot/sasquatch activity. Hair analysis is forthcoming. Witness is eager to return to the site and to attempt to gather more evidence, and to try some baiting and other attraction strategies that might precipitate a visual sighting.

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