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Report # 30622  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 13, 2011.
A bigfoot caught staring at a lady with her puppies in Hocking Hills
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YEAR: 2011

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: 29


COUNTY: Hocking County

LOCATION DETAILS: Specific directions omitted upon witness' request.

NEAREST TOWN: Ewing/logan

NEAREST ROAD: Goat run honey fork

OBSERVED: On august 29th I was outside close to dusk with my litter of puppies going potty. I heard the whistle I do to call the adult dogs a bob white whistle. Thinking it was my parrot in the house I did a few back and forth whistles. One of my adult dogs made a deep woof when we heard a loud rustle in the forest. I looked up and saw a tall hairy creature staring at me. It was very dark and let the branch go that it was holding down with its arm and stepped back into the trees. I watched for a while and then my roommate came out the door and we heard a bunch of trees being moved. I asked her if the parrot had been whistling with me and she said no he was quiet and eating. We live on the edge of the hocking hills and hear knocking and banging alot but this is our only sighting.

OTHER WITNESSES: My roomate was in the house she verified that my parrot wasnt the one whistling back to me.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dusk just before the sun set

ENVIRONMENT: Forested between various house and by two hay field with lots of deer and wild turkey. Used to be coyote but they have disappeared in the last year.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Russ Jones:

I talked to the witness at length. She has a history of being in the outdoors and is originally from Minnesota. She used to deer hunt in the past and is comfortable in the outdoors. In addition to what she originally posted I can add the following.

The house that she is living in was empty for about one year. They had been inhabiting the house for about 6 weeks at the time of the incident. It is typical to the Hocking Hills area, meaning that there are fields backing up to considerable areas of rugged forest.

The dog with her was an Australian Shepherd which alerted when she went outside. That was what made her look up. She estimates the animal to be 8-9 feet tall and was at a distance of about 125 yards. The branch that the animal pulled down was about 8 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.

When questioned she said that she has noticed a lot of knocking noises in the woods behind their house. They have a pen in the back that they take the puppies out to occasionally. They put dog food and peanut butter for training out there. She noticed that the gate has been untied before and a musky type odor in the pen.

The Hocking Hills region of Ohio has been an up and coming area for sightings. If there is a bigfoot in the area it could have been in the woods surrounding the vacant house. The whole area is loaded with deer. I'm sure that a bigfoot's curiosity would be heightened by a new woman living in a previously unoccupied house and a litter full of Whippet puppies.

About BFRO Investigator Russ Jones:

Dr. Jones brings a background of hunting, trapping and outdoor experiences together with undergraduate and graduate education. He is a master naturalist and has attended numerous public and private expeditions. He has led expeditions for the BFRO in Ohio and West Virginia. He has written two Bigfoot books, the last “The Appalachian Bigfoot” was an Amazon best selling book. He hosts the Wide Open Research Podcast on the Untold Radio Network. Dr. Jones may be contacted at

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