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Report # 2995  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, August 14, 2001.
A van driver and passenger observe a large animal walking
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer


STATE: Montana

COUNTY: Park County

LOCATION DETAILS: The southern side of U.S. 90 on the Livingston side of the Bozeman hill.

NEAREST TOWN: Livingston/Bozeman


OBSERVED: I was driving East on Highway 90 Between Livingston and Bozeman Montana. It was about 7:30 am. Montana has long stretches of road and we had been driving for quite awhile. I happened to glance up to the right of the road and couldn`t believe what I saw. A very large reddish brown animal was walking upright about 125 yards from the side of the road. It was very large. I don`t know exactly how big or how much it could have weighed but I do know the hands of the animal hung to about the tops of the fence posts it was walking next to. Those posts are about three to four feet of exposed post There were two of us who saw the creature walking.
After we passed it I said, "what the heck was that?" My friend responded by saying, "I don`t know what you saw but it looked like chewbacca to me". Instead of pulling over and continuing to watch the creature or flag someone down to see it for themselves, we just kept on driving. I will never frogive myself for this and if I ever have another encounter I will definately act differently.
I now live in Portland Oregon, the heart of Sasquatch country. This sighting has provoked an interest in me to find out what is out there. I know something is there. I have begun my own expeditions into the local wilderness as I know an encounter is basically chance and this area has been flooded with Sasquatch sightings. The skookum cast is especially interesting and I hope it brings some credibility to the search.

OTHER WITNESSES: Myself and a friend. We were driving home to Livingston, Listening to music and looking at the amazing scenery.

OTHER STORIES: Everyone I`ve ever asked treated it like a joke.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning but being the big sky country it was fully illuminated.

ENVIRONMENT: Just past the Bozeman pass at the bottom of a mountain ridge which subsides and then grows into the Bridger mountains.A very mountainous area about fifty miles North of Yellowstone National Park.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

On August 20, 2001, I called Danny B. who was the driver of the van, when he and one other passenger observed this animal walking, in 1999.

Because this was a sighting, I asked Danny the following questions:

*Where did this incident occur? “We were east bound on U.S. Highway 90, between Livingston and Bozeman, Montana.”
*What date did this take place? “During the summer of 1999.”
*Do you remember the month? “I think it was in July.”
*Was it day or night? “Early morning about 7:30 AM.”
*Describe the area in which this incident occurred. “It was walking toward us on the south side of the Highway in a rolling foot hill area. It was a low brush area.”
*Where about in Montana did this happen? “On the south side of U.S. 90, about twelve miles east of Bozeman MT.”
*Near what area? “I believe it was in the Bozeman pass area.”
*What distance would you estimate you were from this thing when you first saw it? “The animal was about 100 to 150 yards from us, heading in a westerly direction.”
*What was your first reaction? “I did a double take, because what I was seeing was so out of place.”
*What was it doing? “It, the animal, was walking towards us down a fence line, and it was taking very long strides.”
*Were you alone when you first saw this? “No, there were several of us in the van, but only two of us were awake. The other eye witness was in the passenger set, and he seen it first, and his first words were, “Did you see that?”
*What's is his/her name? “His first name is Brian, and he said it looked like a Chewbacca.”
*Did it stand and walk on two legs? “Yes, that’s all I seen it do, was walking very fast with giant strides, and its arms swayed in a rhythmic manner.”
*Did you see it go down on all fours? “No!”
*Was it covered in hair? “Definitely.”
*What color was it? “It looked reddish brown, and it stood out from the back ground because the back ground was a light tan color.”
*How tall would you estimate this thing to have been? “It was between eight feet and nine feet tall. I was using the fence as a guide.”
*What would you estimate its weight to have been? “It looked to be about four to six hundred pounds, but I am only estimating.”
*Did you see any facial features? “No, the main thing that I noticed was, its head and upper body seemed to be one, like it had no neck. And, I noticed the arm and leg movements as it walked.”
*Could you describe any facial features? “No, because I was not that close to observe such things.”
*Did you observe any ears? “No, ears observed.”
*Could you describe the arms? “They seemed long, I was judging them against the fence posts. I remember that the top of the hands were at the top of the fence posts.”
*Could you tell if it was a male or a female? “I could not discern its sex at that distance.”
*About for how long did you see it? “Only about five to seven seconds.”
*Did it ever make any noise? “No, we were moving down the road at about seventy miles an hour.”
*Did it ever make any animal sounds from its mouth? “Again, no.”
*Did it see you? “I don’t think so, it seemed not to be concerned with us or anybody else that was on that highway.”
*Did you smell anything? “We were moving too fast to smell anything.”
*Did you check for footprints? “We never stopped or went back. But, I now wish we had gone back, or at least stop and watch it a little longer.”
*Did you report what you saw? (i.e.) Like your parents or any agency? “No to that answer, but I did tell some friends.”
*What was their response? “They just though that I was crazy.”
*In your own words describe what happened. “We were just driving east bound on Highway 90, about twelve miles out of Bozeman Mt., and we observed this animal walking towards us along a fence line, about one hundred and twenty five yards out. I have never seen anything like it before or since.”

In Summary: Dan still seemed very excited about his sighting in Montana in 1999. Since this sighting, Dan has moved to Portland Oregon, and he now takes short expeditions into the Gifford Pinchot N.F. in Washington, to look for this mystical creature. This short sighting encounter with a possible bigfoot, has made a large change in Dan’s life. After talking with Dan, I believe that he has seen a bigfoot creature, on that early morning drive between Bozeman and Livingston, Montana.

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