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Report # 294  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 13, 2000.
Two brothers see and verbally confront upright, walking, hairy creature
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YEAR: 1974

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: Northern section of Princeton

Photo maps included.


NEAREST ROAD: Coalmont-Tulameen Rd (near Brown Bridge intersection))

OBSERVED: Richard Noll is transcribing for Thomas Steenburg who investigated this. It is included in his book "In Search of Giants -Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters", page 85.

Thomas writes:

Sept, 5th, 2000,

Hello Richard:

Find included with this letter a write up from Glen Boulier concerning his two sightings just outside Princeton B.C. The first incident occured in 1974. The second occured in 1985, 11 years later. If you turn to page 85 of my new book, you find my interview with him concerning his first sighting. I interviewed him in 1982 I believe? Three years before his second sighting occured. He made up the photos of the area, as you can see the incidents happened very close to each other. We had lost contact soon after my interview with him, both of us have moved several times. He said he tried to locate me after his second incident but couldn't?? That seems strange to me since I am the only Steenburg in the phone book.)

Glen S Boulier writes:

Why it has taken this many years to surface the feelings of an April confrontation in the mid-seventies is maybe a mystery in itself, to me. But for scientific study and the records, I will tell you of our story. A rough guidline of pictures is included. I hope that it helps?

The sighting takes place on the northern section of Princeton, British Columbia. The year may be pinpointed somewhat, seeing it has been so many years, but I haven't talked to my brother Alan on the Bigfoot subject in many years. To the best of my knowledge...are the series of events that unfolded that morning.

On a cool April morning, between 5:30a.m. & 6:30 a.m. -my brother Alan and myself are on a morning run where we resided - Princeton. It was a common practice to hitch up the runners and jog a 3 mile route, where when you started, the finish would be the same place. That morning, a very fine flurry of snow was falling as we completed the last leg of the run. Towards the end of this jog we were cooling down (walking quietly) towards Princeton's Brown Bridge, when something caught our eye on the road ahead...maybe 100-150feet? I have never measured it off. Taking only a few steps to cross the two-lane roadway, upright walking, this creature lifted itself up onto a single-lane gravel road we had used over and over again for running. Since this time a portion of this road has fallen away. Stopped dead in our tracks by what we were witnessing; a huge creature, hairy top to bottom - we just stared in amazement. As the hair raised up on my neck and arms, and tears beginning to swell in my eyes, the Sasquatch started to walk away from us, heading up the gravel road. To say the least, we were terrified. My brother however...bless his heart, is very daring. Up to this point the creature had not seen us. Before I could react, Alan yelled out something to the affect...HEY! We knew instantly we had startled the Bigfoot - the huge thing swinging around to face Alan's voice and our location. What seemed like forever, a standoff of sorts ensued. I didn't know about Alan, but I was shaking. The dark dark eyes seemed to look right thru us, it's head tilting slightly to it's left. The chest of this creature had what seemed to be a thinner coat of hair...not as thick. The same with the face at this distance - a lot less dark brown hair. It did not appear to have much of a neck. As mentioned, it walked upright at all times.

Gathering itself, the Sasquatch then turned and began to walk up the gravel roadway. Alan asked me something to the effect, "What now?" -I just wanted to go home. He wanted to follow the thing, but from a distance. We moved up slightly, watching, as the creature rounded the bend of his departure. We never saw it again.

Following, almost 5 minutes after a brotherly argument, we noted a number of things to the incident. The skiff of snow was leaving tracks...a barefooted track, even after the time that had elapsed. We couldn't preserve them however. My size 8 and-one-half runner easily fit inside one of those tracks, with a lot of room left over on all sides. I'm 5'8" with an average stride. I had to take quite a step to reach the next print. The Sasquatch was somewhat long-legged, with the arms slightly swinging.

Overhanging brush came in contact with this creature. Upon my tiptoes and on one foot, I could just reach the small branches. Estimation of the Bigfoot's size is approximately 7 and-one-half feet tall. Weight...God only knows this. A guess would be around 500-600 lbs. A very slight odor lingered in the area that morning.

Needless to say, very little was said to anyone in this small town. Both Alan and I watched over our shoulders in the months to come. We spent so much time in the area that surrounds Princeton. We lived there for about 15 years. Alan is now in the Vancouver area - I reside in Calgary.

The significant factor to this entire situation was my brother's boldness. If this thing hadn't turned around we may have always wondered about the few options that came to our minds that day. When we were faced with the unknown, you can never forget those piercing eyes scanning for our whereabouts on the road. I admit it even today - I cried. The sighting lasted for approximately 45 seconds - longest 45 seconds of our lives.

I hope this knowledge will help your investigation of the Bigfoot phenomena? This creature deserves it's place even though it scared the dickens out of me. If I can be of any assistance please contact me. I'm sorry it has taken this long.

Glen S Boulier

ALSO NOTICED: A second sighting in the same area, with Glen's other brother Richard, 11 years later

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, Alan and Glen Boulier


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:30a.m. - 6:30a.m.
Slight snow flurries

ENVIRONMENT: Outskirt edge of town of Princeton, road adjacent to Tulameen river, down the hill from Princeton Airport.

Follow-up investigation report:


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