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Report # 28285  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, September 22, 2010.
Motorist witnesses a possible daylight highway crossing near Revelstoke
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YEAR: 2010


MONTH: September

DATE: Sept, 22. 2010

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: East of Revelstoke, approx 20 min east of the first snowshed east of Roger's Pass summit. close to Bear creek Falls.

NEAREST TOWN: Revelstoke, BC.

NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 1, Trans Canada

OBSERVED: I was driving west on highway 1, East of Revelstoke BC. Trans Can, 20 minutes east of the first snow shed before the Roger's pass summit, near a notorious mudslide area, close to Bearcreek Falls. It was 11'23 am when I looked at the clock. I was fourth in line of three other vehicles, 2 cars, 1 truck (CPR), when I noticed the lead car braking for something up ahead. The highway was a straight shot, then slightly veering left near the end. I noticed approx 300- 350 yards ahead what looked like someone hurrying (not running) from right to left of the highway. There was no oncoming traffic, just us four heading west. There was a huge black bipedal figure crossing. When I got closer to see what it was, it had gone through the ditch and up the side of a steep mtn. At first I thought it was a tourist taking pictures of something because there is a pullout for cars just before the sighting across the highway. The odd thing to me was that there was not one vehicle or a person anywhere in the empty lot. Thought it might also be a cyclist walking also, but there were no colours showing, just a big 'black' something. I never was close enough to see details because it was shadowed by the sun. I was facing the sun, but at no time was the sun in my eyes. It was a picture perfect blue sky, with no clouds, +8 degrees Celsius middle of September day. The road also didnít have any shadows from trees or hills on it. It was clear as day. I kept driving approx 20 minutes west to the first snow shed, the whole time thinking and wondering what that was that I and I'm assuming the other drivers braked for. I decided to turn around and go back to see if I could see anything (prints) in the ditch etc.. I would have been wondering for ever if I saw what I thought I saw. I parked my truck in the pullout and walked up the sides of the road to see anything, but it was to thick of bush and trees. When I hit the road again heading west, I saw a black bear running across right to left, across the highway a little ways up the road. There was a crew of men west of the sighting also, they were cleaning up the mudslide area I mentioned earlier.

ALSO NOTICED: Noticed a black bear run across the highway, right to left. This was west of the sighting.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 other vehicles in front of me, especially the lead car. It braked first causing the rest of us to brake also. Not an abrubt braking, a gradual one.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11:23 am daytime. Blue sky, no clouds, clear as day.

ENVIRONMENT: It was mountainess, steep, beside the highway, across from a vehicle pullout. It's high elevation, close to the Roger's pass summit. 1330 meters I think I read on the sign at the top.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Gary Cronin:

When the witness initially saw the figure crossing the road he immediately thought something was not normal. Even though he was some distance from the creature he could tell it was too large and thick to be a person. The creature walked bipedially across the road which would eliminate the possibility of any known wildlife such as bear. The witness thought that at the closest it was only 50 yards from the lead car and moved quickly across the road and up the slope. He could see no reason that a person would and even could climb quickly up the slope from the road plus no parked cars were close to the encounter making it unlikely to be a human that he witnessed. The area in question would indeed be a likely location that a sasquatch could be found in. Heavily forested and relatively low in human density. Other sightings have historically occurred in this region.

About BFRO Investigator Gary Cronin:

Gary first became interested in sasquatch when he moved from Liverpool England to Calgary Canada in 1975. He soon came upon a book by a John Green and has been fascinated with the topic ever since. He has attended the 2007 Vancouver Island Expedition and the 2008 BC Coastal Expedition. He is in the field scouring the Eastern Slopes of the Rockies for evidence on a weekly basis. Gary was involved in organizing the 2009 and 2010 Alberta expeditions.

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