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Report # 27609  (Class A)
Submitted by witness H.H. & L.T. on Monday, April 19, 2010.
Daughter and Mother both observe a large dark creature in the Klamath River bottom
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YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 04/18/2010

STATE: California

COUNTY: Siskiyou County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was along Hwy 96, in between Orleans and Happy Camp CA.


NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 96 at the Independence Bridge.

OBSERVED: I grew up in Happy Camp CA in which is a small town where Bigfoot is an icon! However, I have never believe in him. On Sunday April 18th, 2010, we saw a massive "thing" walking under Independence bridge. It was well over 6 ft tall and was dark and hairy! It was walking like a human! We thought it could of been a bear, but the way it was walking, there's absolutely no chance it was one! I had posted it on my Facebook, and a friend told me to talk to her husband because years ago, around the same area, he swore he saw a bigfoot!

This has really sparked interest in me because as an un-believer, I can't come up with another conclusion of what it could of been! We were too afraid to stop, but we are so shocked and confused on what it could of been!!

OTHER WITNESSES: There were two of us traveling in the vehicle.

OTHER STORIES: After seeing this, I had posted it on my facebook, and a friend told me to talk to her husband because a few years prior to this, he had sworn he seen a Bigfoot in the same area.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 6 pm. It was still very light and had been a clear day.

ENVIRONMENT: It's along hwy 96 which is mostly forrest. The image we saw was directly under the bridge, walking up from the river!

A & G References: Northern California DeLorme Atlas, Page # 24, Index of C - 1.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

Tonight, the 21st of April 2010, H.H. called me back from the Happy Camp area. This 24 year-old mother of two children, ages 1 and 3, and her Mother L.T., were all with her in her car coming back from Eureka, California when their sighting occurred. The witness is still very shook up over seeing this creature, and she is really having a difficult time even believing what she observed, because she went from a total non-believer to a believer in less than one minute. H.H. was totally amazed at what she saw that evening, but now, she is having a difficult time dealing with all of this newly acquired information! She has heard many stories about Bigfoot in her area, but never really believed in any of those stories. This witness has lived in the Happy Camp area for over 17 years.

As the witness and her passengers were driving north on highway 96 and coming up on the Independence Bridge (which crosses the Klamath River at a right angle onto a Forest Rd. 15N17 that lays off to the right side of Hwy. 96) they had a great view under that bridge as they were going north bound on Hwy. 96. This bridge lies between Orleans and Happy Camp. H.H. first observed something moving down under this bridge where she saw this very large, black thick creature walking really fast in her direction, which was west bound towards the river embankment heading towards Hwy. 96. The witness said that she believes the creature would have walked across that highway if her vehicle wasn't where it was, coming towards it. She said, "This creature had very large, long arms which were swinging something like a person would walk when moving real fast."

She goes on to describe what the creature looked like, "it was very tall, 6' or better, body was thick looking like it weighed over 400 or 500 lbs, its body was massive, and its legs were very long." While she was observing this creature, she thought it took somewhere between 6 & 10 very large steps as it was coming out from under that bridge in a very rocky riverbed area towards the highway. The witness says she viewed this creature somewhere between 30 to 45 seconds as she and it were closing the distance between each other, which caused her to become frightened, because it was moving so fast and she said, "that it was heading in her direction on that part of the highway that she was driving on, and she was not going to slow down or stop".

In the 6 pm time frame when this incident took place, it was light enough to view the total creature pretty good, but she couldn't make out any facial features on this dark colored creature.

On the afternoon of April 22, 2010, I called and talked with the mother to corroborate the sighting, and to find out what she had seen during the encounter. H.H.'s mother L.T. only had a very brief look at it, because her daughter didn't say anything until she was almost past it. L.T. only got to view the creature for about 2 or 3 seconds or so, because it was already in the bushes that were located between the river and next to the highway, and she said, "it looked to be very dark brown in color, and it was very tall something like a telephone pole". She never saw it moving. Mom would like to go back and look for tracks!

In Summary: After speaking with both parties who observed this creature in the Klamath River bottom; I am positive that what they were describing was a Sasquatch. Please be advised, that her height and weight figures are only arbitrary at best, because I did ask her to make a decision on those two items specifically. H.H. is still very shook-up about her observation of this creature. I believe they were in an area where many sightings have taken place on and off of this highway, which by the way is often referred to as "The Bigfoot Highway".

About BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

  • Four years in the United States Navy, 1955-1959 (Combat Air Crewman on P4M Mercator Patrol Aircraft)
  • 37 years in the aerospace industry: 33 years with General Electric at Edwards AFB; More than 5 years with the Northrop Grumman Corp. at Edwards AFB (Flight Line Mechanic on the B-2 Bomber).
  • During 20 of those years at Edwards he was a Reserve Deputy Sheriff for the County of Los Angeles.

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