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Report # 27087  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 2, 2010.
Possible sighting at night by a family on Hwy. 140E near Bonanza
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YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 10th

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Klamath County

LOCATION DETAILS: From bonanza follow hwy 70 to bly mtn. cutoff. go through stop sign and get onto 140 east follow through s curves to mile marker 29. It is well forested area on both sides of the road not populated.


NEAREST ROAD: 140 east

OBSERVED: 6:45 the night of December 10th I was driving home from bonanza high school on highway 140 east with my two duaghters and son when we drove around the last sharp curve and just past mile marker 29 when my headlights picked up a movement on the side of the rode about 50 yards a head of us. At first glance I thought it was a person because it stood upright and walked on two legs however as it stode acroos the highway its gate was slightly hurried and it only took two massive strides to reach the other side of the road. The shape was like a human however it was extreamly tall approx. 8 to eight and a half feet due to the limited light cast by my headlights I could only see a large dark shape and little or no features.
I slowed my van down to see if I could spot it in the trees at the side of the road but it had disappeared. Shaken by the sight I asked everyone in the car if they had seen something in the road and one of my daughters as well as my 20 year old son described exactly what I thought I saw. It wasn't until we reached our home approx. a mile further down the road that we realized what it must have been we had no other explaination for the size, shape or huge stride of this creature.

ALSO NOTICED: No just what has been described.

OTHER WITNESSES: My 14 year old daughter witnessed this event as well as my 20 year old son. We were listening to music and talking about my 15 year old Daughters basketball practice I had just picked her up from.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: 6:45pm night, it was dark but the moon was out, clear and cold

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous, pine and juniper, rocky, landmarks mile marker 29.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Will Robinson:

After speaking with the witness some additional details should be added.
When this sighting occurred it was approximately five degrees outside at an elevation of 4000 feet. She thought the creature was a person at first sight when it stood up and crossed the highway, but when it crossed a two lane highway in two strides smoothly and with no effort; seemingly impossible for a human since each stride was a least ten feet long from a standing position. She also noticed the size - very tall with very long arms that swung as the creature moved, and it appeared to be dark brown or black in color. After the creature crossed the highway it disappeared down a hill where the witness' house is located with only five or six other houses at the bottom the same hill. She informed her neighbors of her sighting, but none of them had seen or heard anything. However, the witness' daughter was woken up in the middle of the night by something screaming outside of her window a couple weeks after their experience.

About BFRO Investigator Will Robinson:

I grew up and still reside in Boring, Oregon about 25 miles East of Portland. I am an avid outdoorsman; spending most of my time in the woods, camping, and fishing out on the Columbia River. When I am not doing these things I am with my new, little boy. My first encounter with Bigfoot was one night, when I was living up Mt. Hood years ago, I heard their screams and calls. More recently I found tracks by the Sandy River. I attended the 2009 Washington Olympic Peninsula Expedition.

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