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Report # 27037  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 17, 2009.
Vacationer hears possible howls at night near Henderson Lake
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Spring


DATE: 15

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Ogemaw County

LOCATION DETAILS: We stayed at Henderson Lake.


NEAREST ROAD: Henderson Lake Rd.

OBSERVED: My family and I used to go to Michigan every spring on vacation to a friends cabin. One night Iwoke up for no apperant reason but Iset up in bed and no sooner than I did I heard this very loud and distinct sound. Never knew what it was until on your site and was listening to sounds recorded of bigfoot. Then I realised what I heard was possibly a bigfoot. It ws a very distinct sound. The window was open were I had set up in the bed it sonded like what ever it was,was righ outside the window. Never dawned on me what it could have been,thought it was an elk or something. But now I,m pretty sure what i heard was a bigfoot.

OTHER WITNESSES: No everone was asleep.

OTHER STORIES: Yes read them on your site thats what made me write you.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was the middle of the night.

ENVIRONMENT: Lots of birch and pine trees kinda swampy.

Follow-up investigation report:

1/2/2010 Talked to witness by phone at length. His former employer had a cabin on Henderson Lake and they would go there to fish for crappie for several days at a time.

He is an Electrician and been in the construction field all his life. He looked for Elk tracks after the event but found none and decided the sounds were not an elk.

1/3/2010 Talked to witness some more He advised the cabin is at the end of the road on Beukimia Dr. His wife and daughters did not hear the screams. He only heard on long howl - at least 10 to 15 seconds long and not like anything he had heard before.

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