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Report # 26718  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.
Late night road crossing sighting by hunters near the eastern boundary of Mt. Hood National Forest
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YEAR: 2009


MONTH: October

DATE: 5th

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Wasco County


OBSERVED: in october of 2008 i was hunting in the white river unit. after being camped for three days i was sitting at the camp fire with my father at around 1:00am when we heard this sound like we have never heard in our life of being in the woods, it sounded almost exactly like one of your recordings except a little bit higher pitched.

we heard this sound about every three to thirty minutes until we decided it was getting a little to close for our comfort and went to the dalles for breakfast at about 2:30 am. we came back the next morning and finished out the hunting season without anymore odd noises.

so needless to say we drew the same tag this season. so three days into the hunt being October 5th 2009 me and my best friend decided to go hunt a canyon that was across road 4430 from our camp at around 8:30am. As we were driving about 60 yards down the road, we see a black creature that i would say to be around seven feet tall come running up the the steep bank and across the road at an unhuman speed. about 10-15 feet behind it another creature of the same size and color came running across at an ever faster speed. Needless to say i gunned it to try to get closer to get a better look at what i had just seen. within about 10mseconds they were long gone into the manzanita bushes.

i got out of the truck and was listening and could hear nothing at all. with the hair on my neck standing up and goose bumps me and my friend went back to camp and started telling my father what had just happened. He found it comical and thought that we were trying to mess with him until that night when my friend was almost in tears begging to leave the woods.

we ended up packing up camp and going home at 10:30pm. so last night me and my father started looking up info. and sightings on bigfoot in the area. After reading all of this we started putting things together, and decided to go back today and look for clues. the first thing that really caught out eyes was reading of their stench. less than 500 yards from whare i saw the creatures cross the street were were cutting wood the day before and noticed a rotten small that we had smelled about 5 years before when camped by there. so we decided to go look for tracks and to see what was making the bad smell. so when we go there we decided to go look for the smell first.

Its strongest point ended up being down this grown over cat road about 400 yards. we could find nothing that would be causing the smell but the one thing that really gave my goose bumps was there was small trees about three inches in diameter snapped about two feet up laying across the road where the smell was the most potient.(I read the night before to watch for small broken trees. after not finding anything that could be causing this smell we decided to go look for tracks where they crossed the street. after looking for about twenty minutes we found what look like a long and wide print that had no distinguishable toes or tread. about 15ft from the print we found some feces that were what i thought to be a bear but my dad said noway so needless to say i now have a bag of s*&t that i have no idea what it came from.

now to describe the figures we say run across the road. they ran completely upright and at speeds of a deer. i could not really see its face. it had longer arms that than a human and ran straight armed. and last it was solid black

ALSO NOTICED: we have a bag of feces.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 other witness, we were driving to out hunting spot

OTHER STORIES: i read one on this site in walking distance from where we saw the creature

TIME AND CONDITIONS: the sounds was around 1:00am the sighting around 8:30 am

ENVIRONMENT: its pine forests with lots of thick brush

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Will Robinson:

I spoke with the witness on the phone. I found him to be credible and eager to share his experience with someone.

He and his family have been using this hunting spot for many years. In the previous year he heard several vocalizations throughout the night, until he and his dad left the camp to go into town. No other activity happened that trip.Then the following year they sighted two, 7-8 foot, black, hairy, bipedal, upright walking creatures.

He said that one of the things that he remembers the most was how fast and nimble they were going up very steep terrain, which would have been impossible for a human to accomplish.

They left later that night because a member of their party no longer wanted to remain in the woods. He and his father returned a few days later to look for evidence of what they saw. There were small trees placed across the road and when they got out to investigate they encountered a strong odor that was only in the area of the broken trees. They continued to look around the area and found possible footprint impressions, but they lacked detail. They followed these footprints for a short while and found a large scat.

I attempted to reach the campsite where the events took place but due to recent snowfall the area is impossible to reach until next spring. However, given the history of the Mount Hood National Forest and sasquatch I do believe they had sasquatch activity and a brief sighting of two creatures on two separate occasions in the same location.

About BFRO Investigator Will Robinson:

I grew up and still reside in Boring, Oregon about 25 miles East of Portland. I am an avid outdoorsman; spending most of my time in the woods, camping, and fishing out on the Columbia River. When I am not doing these things I am with my new, little boy. My first encounter with Bigfoot was one night, when I was living up Mt. Hood years ago, I heard their screams and calls. More recently I found tracks by the Sandy River. I attended the 2009 Washington Olympic Peninsula Expedition.

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