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Report # 25631  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, March 13, 2009.
Various incidents and sightings from 1976-2008 by family members at their rural home near Canton
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YEAR: 1976-2000-2008



STATE: New York

COUNTY: St. Lawrence County

LOCATION DETAILS: location is farmland,swampy area which runs next to and adjoins with a lake. property is not far from Canada


OBSERVED: In the fall of 2000 my wife saw a large blk figure walking across a field and into the woods approx 300 yards from our home.My children stated that they saw something big and hairy behind our house approximately 3-5 days later. We never told them about moms sighting. also we had recently purchased the property and the home had been vacant for some time (curiousity ?) in the fall and winter of 2008 I heard some rather strange sounds when i was in the woods across from my home this happened when I was walking,hunting and cutting firewood. The first incident was when I was walking in the woods looking for deer sign for the upcoming hunting season.What i heard was something striking a tree with a piece of wood very loudly and repeatedly 5-6 times. I tried to duplicate the noise in an attempt to communicate but to no avail.Prior to the banging I would swear that i was being watched.I also found a strange footprint at the base of a cluster of cedar trees, the print was 8-10 inches long but it was muddy and the print was not clear but looked as something slipped in the mud the print was human like but not human.the cedar tree was stripped of bark for some reason.The next incident was while hunting I heard 2 somethings that were very heavy walking on the ice and breaking through I thought that they were very large deer and that i would see them as they were coming towards me but they suddenly veered away and were never seen. The reason i know that they were heavy is that i weigh 270 pds and I was walking in the same area and i did not break through.I have heard long screams at night coming from the same area and the latest incident I was cutting firewood and when i shut the saw off i heard a large amount of vocalization coming from approx 1/4 mile away. These noises could only be described as monkeys yelling at each other,and the reason I say that is ,while on vacation in TN I went to a outside zoo near Nashville and there were white faced monkeys there and the vocalizations that they made were very similar.I downloaded a file from the Sierra sounds and played this for my wife, she said those are birds i hear them all the time outside. I proceeded to tell her that the noises were of a sasquatch not birds and i showed her the web site that i copied it from.I recall as a child seeing what i remember as a hairy man near a creek when my brothers and i were playing there, and we always felt that we were being watched when we were there.this creek was on my family's property back in the woods not far from the swamp. The incidents above took place in the woods between a swamp and the lake.


OTHER STORIES: I have not heard of other incidents but that does not mean that these are isolated incidents. The area in which I am reporting is heavily wooded with a very large swamp and lake connected to each other, an animal could live and travel easily without never being seen. also the land that I was on is private property and the farmer forbids people from trespassing thus limited contact would be made with anybody.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: always late afternoon /evening

ENVIRONMENT: area is woods,swamp a field which is connected to swamp

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Todd Prescott:

I had the pleasure of speaking with the reportee on the phone March 25, 2009 for about an hour and a half. His family were within earshot of the conversation and added various tidbits of information as we talked. Having his family interject, in my opinion, gives more credence to the occurrences dating from circa 1976 up to 2008 (not that I didn't believe what I had read in the report, but rather, having other family members add comments about their own encounters/sightings certainly gives more weight to someone's claims).

Reportee is a retired Corrections Officer, and he repeated, pretty much verbatim, what he wrote in his report, whilst bringing to light other strange activity around his property and the surrounding area.

Without further ado, I shall chronologically reiterate additional details that were given on the phone. Bear in mind, I hope to not repeat that which has already been stated in the gentleman's report, but to only add.

Circa 1976 - Reportee was raised on a 100 acre farm. Concerning the 'hairy man' behind the tree watching him and his brothers, reportee doesn't recall any finer details, but he is positive it wasn't a human or a bear. At the time, the boys were catching minnows.

2000 - Reportee's wife did not notice any facial features. She did notice that the creature was at least taller than five feet in height. This is based on the height of fence posts bordering the field as a reference. The creature was stocky with very large shoulders. At first she thought it was a bear. The hair color was similar to that of a black bear (dark brown to black). However, the creature was walking on two legs across the field, and that's when she realized it was not a bear. The hair appeared neat. The creature walked in an easterly direction towards a tract of forest that borders a lake. Witness observed the creature for approx 3-5 seconds.

2000 (3-5 days later) The children of the family, at the time aged five and nine, saw 'something big and hairy behind the house'. The children, now teenagers, have a vague recollection of seeing the creature in 2000. No further details could be given other than the aforementioned. Interestingly, and noted in the report, neither husband nor wife had told the children about what was seen 3-5 days prior.

2008 The wood knocks that were heard occurred in intervals of less than a second. The volume and depth of the knocks surpassed what the reportee was able to accomplish when he tried wood knocking himself.
- The vocalizations that he heard sounded unlike any local animal he is familiar with. And, as stated, reminded him of some monkeys he'd heard at a zoo. There seemed to be two animals vocalizing that day, and it sounded as if they were relatively close to one another. For those interested, the 'white-faced monkeys' at the zoo that he compared the vocalizations to were probably capuchin monkeys.
- The stripped cedar tree did not resemble porcupine damage at all. There were pieces of bark, 2 inches in width stripped all down the tree.
- Reportee was walking home one night from the woods as it started to get dark. Something behind him started sniffing and snorting. He was not able to see what it was, but proceeded to quicken his pace back to the house.
- When the ice breaking was heard, reportee was in a tree stand hunting deer.

Other points of interest:
- There is 600 acres of private property across from witness' house. This area is primarily swampy forest bordering a lake. The owner of the private property is adamant that no one trespass on his property, and he has a local reputation of protecting his land vigilantly.
- Houses in this area are far apart the closest neighbor to the south being about a mile away, and the closest to the north about 500 yards.
- When the family first moved into the house, the expansive yard was quite overgrown with brush that came close to the house. The couple proceeded to cut back a portion of the brush/thickets.
- The family raises chickens on their property. Reportee mentioned seeing orange/yellow eye-shine one night as he was out by the chicken coops. He also noticed the shadow of a large head seemingly behind a tree.
- Very close to this area, possible bigfoot tracks were found March 18th, 2009 by another, unrelated witness. As well, possible tree twists, breaks and splits associated with bigfoot were found close to the tracks. I, the follow-up Investigator, traveled to the area March 23rd and saw the remnants of the tracks and was also able to witness the perplexing tree damage. While there, because of time constraints, I was not in contact with the gentleman who submitted this report, but I was able to drive down the road he lives on and survey the area. The road that the family lives on is a quiet road in a rural setting. The immediate area closest to their house also possesses the most amount of forest cover. A few large fields dot the vicinity as well, and as you move north and away from the family's house, the area starts to open up with more fields and smaller tracts of forest.

I shall return to the area, hopefully with another Investigator, some time later in the summer when time permits. An update shall be forthcoming.

About BFRO Investigator Todd Prescott:

Todd Prescott has been researching the subject of bigfoot for well over 20 years Todd attended the 2006 and 2008 B.C. Coastal Expeditions, 2008 and 2011 Pennsylvania Expedition, 2010 Pennsylvania Mini Expeditions, the 2007 Ontario Expedition and he hosted the Ontario 2009 Expedition. His research has taken him as far as Alaska to PA, Northern Ontario to BC, including a 2-week solo expedition throughout the Bella Coola (B.C.) region. In 2012, 2013, and 2014, Todd had the honor and privilege of spending many days/nights with one of the pioneers of sasquatch research, Mr. John Green (1927-2016), in BC where he was granted permission to peruse Mr. Green's extensive files dating back to 1957. Todd also had the unique experience of researching with Mr. Green near Harrison Hot Springs one evening. Currently, Todd is working on several books pertaining to the subject of sasquatch.

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