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Report # 2473  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Phil on Tuesday, March 17, 1998.
Two people observe a large bipedal creature moving towards a creek. Footprints and unusual hair were discovered later in the month
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YEAR: 1988


MONTH: October

STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Vermillion County

LOCATION DETAILS: Vermillion County, Indiana ; Near Broulettes Creek, approximately 2.5 miles east of SR 63



OBSERVED: A friend and I had a cookout one Friday evening and kept hearing horrible screams and smelling some nasty smell. We finally went in for the night and decided to investigate on Saturday. While out on Saturday, we walked into the heavily wooded area following a power line. The whole time we were out, we felt as if we were being followed. Closer to the creek, we began to see a large, biped figure moving toward the creek. We got scared and headed back toward the road. On the way, we noticed a large footprint in the fresh mud. Later in the month, we found unusual hair on a barbed wire fence. Our zoology teacher ran tests, but couldn't determine the origin. In the fall of every year now, we go out looking and are still finding unusual things.

I'd love to help some "real" researchers seek bigfoot in this area. I'm very well-educated and can be trusted.

ALSO NOTICED: Constantly hearing noises of "diabolical screams".

OTHER WITNESSES: Cookout, then seeking out the creature

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Sounds heard every fall since

ENVIRONMENT: Heavily wooded areas near Broulettes Creek in southern Vermillion County. About 4 miles southwest of Clinton. Actually closer to Shepardsville in Vigo County.

Follow-up investigation report:

Initial contact with the witness was made on 3/28/98. He was asked to give an account of the intial report filed.

Phil and his friends went out to investigate the sounds they were hearing down by the river. That is when they saw a track going up the bank. Witness was asked to relate specifics on the footprint. Phil stated that he could make out three toes, but thought there were more. It was apparent that whatever left the track slipped on the river embankment.

It was right after the discovery of this track when the witnesses saw this thing that was walking on two legs.

The unusual hair was found about 5 - 5 1/2 feet up on a barbed wire fence. The witness said that he never did tell his teacher what he thought the hair was..

Witnesses described the sounds as a women screaming , but higher pitched and at great lengths with an abrupt cutoff. This would go on for some time and then stop only to start up again.

Phil stated that there were unusual smells in the area when the sightings occurred. He described the odors as smelling like "strong, stagnent feces."

Investigated by Steve Jackson

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