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Report # 24643  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, August 30, 2008.
Manlike form seen crossing road at night in a thunderstorm near McKague
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YEAR: 1995

SEASON: Summer


PROVINCE: Saskatchewan


LOCATION DETAILS: It was near Barrier lake. There is a forested area that connects to the Pasquia hills, greenwater Park, and other lakes. This forest extends back into Manitoba and probably further east.

NEAREST TOWN: Sylvania/Tisdale

NEAREST ROAD: Were driving on it.

OBSERVED: I came across your website from following a link on a hockey forum in the OT section to your site where they were discussing this news event where people froze a monkey suit and said they found a bigfoot body.

Anyways I read many of the articles and I realized that I may have seen a Bigfoot before.

In 1995 some friends and I were driving home from Barrier Lake in Saskatchewan. There are many lakes and thick Pine forests in that area and the rest is farmland.

Anyways we were coming home past midnight and it was pitch black and raining with thunder and lightning.

I was sitting in the middle of the backseat looking in front on the passenger side watching the ditch for deer that might run in front of us.

There was this flash of lightning that lit up the sky and I saw what looked like a person running through the field,cross the ditch and the road in front of us, across the other side and disappear into the treeline that was on the drivers side.

By then the lightning flash was done and I couldn't see anything to the sides anymore with the darkness and the rain.

I would say that the lightning lit the sky up in a series of flashes that lasted maybe 6 seconds.

In that time whatever I saw moved a considerable distance(guessing 20 yrds or more) so quickly that only one other person besides myself saw anything.

The only other person to see it was the person who was in front on the passenger side who was also looking into the ditch spotting for deer.

The ditches are shallow and not very wide along the fields so when I saw it, the thing was coming out of the field and crossed the ditch and road to the other side right in front of us.

I was focused on that side and followed it along with eyes locked on it and I'd say it moved extremly fast and crossed the road itself in one stride.

The two of us that were focused on the passenger side ditch had time to focus on it and follow it.

I'd say I had 6-8 seconds of seeing it running.

The best look I got was in the field and ditch because that is when the sky was lit. By the time it crossed the road in front of the headlights it was already dark again.

So for the driver and anyone else it would have been just have crossed so quick they didn't even notice anything crossed the road.

My memory of it as it crossed the road and headlights was both it's arms moved twice in a pumping motion on two legs the same as humans do when running)

I think that if all you saw was a split second of a blur of something moving at night in the rain it makes sense that only the people focused on the passenger side ditch looking for deer saw it.

What we saw was shaped just like a very tall person running. Exactly... two legs making long strides, arms pumping side by side,a head.

The really unsettling to me is that it was like the form of a man.Not a man.

What I saw was black, a type of black darker than anything I have seen before or since. There was no shine to it.

You could not make out any features even when the headlights hit it.

You could not see hair or anything. Just a deep black human shape running in the middle of no where in a rain at night.

The first person to comment about it was the person in the front who got excited and said that "someone" just ran in front of the vehicle.

The immediate response(since we were far from any towns or farms) was it must have been a deer.

Then she said no, it was black!

And was adamant that it was black and it was someone.

This is my feelings also.

A few yards ahead on the drivers side(where the thing we saw ran) was an old graveyard.

So naturally being teenagers the others started making jokes that She saw a ghost.

(I hadn't spoken up about what I saw yet because I was in shock and kind of spooked. Coming up on the graveyard right after didn't help either LOL).

I talked with her later about it and we saw exactly the same thing. We both believe we saw a person that was pitch black in form.

We actually did come to the conclusion that we had seen some sort of spirit.

Untill I was reading your site and the stories and and decriptions of the bigfoot I then thought maybe what I saw was alot like what people are describing as bigfoot.

I guess that makes more sense than a ghost, right?

I do know I saw something that gave me an errie feeling that I still carry with me all these yrs later thinking about it. Bigfoot, ghost, whatever we saw was not a human, but it appeared like one in form.

I know most will probably think it was a an animal like deer or bear.

We're all from a farming community so we know animals. We see deer running in front of us all the time. That is why we were looking out for them.

Same with bears.I know what a bear running looks like and it isn't 6'6-7+ feet tall and running on two legs with VERY long strides. Ever seen a bear standing and step forward you know what I mean.

Anyways, that is what I saw, whatever it was.

ALSO NOTICED: If it was a Bigfoot I am thinking it could have been out of the forest and more in open areas because the CDN army had alot of soldiers, helcpoters, jeeps patrolling etc. The soldiers were going deep into the forest searching for a young girl who was lost. The forest gets very thick in that area, even though Sask is known for fields mostly.

OTHER WITNESSES: 5 people, two witnesses.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Dark,Night,rain,thunder,lightning.

ENVIRONMENT: Graveyard,Pine forest, Fields, Near river and lakes.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Darcy Stoffregen:

I spoke with the witness for almost an hour and he seemed quite credible and honest. I'm making this a class B incident because he wasn't 100% sure it was a bigfoot that he saw that night.

What they saw was only a black silhouette and the sighting occurred after midnight during a thunderstorm so they didn't see any details other than the shape of the creature.

He compared the movement and appearance of the creature to that of the one in the Memorial Day footage but faster. He said it made the Memorial Day creature look like it was just jogging.

There was no way of determining exact height but he thinks it was approximately 6' tall with a thick build, no neck and straight posture.

He had to ask some family members still living in the area about the location of the graveyard and it was closer to a town called McKague, Saskatchewan, a little bit east of Tisdale. I have family in Sask. and am familiar with the area of this sighting. It's more to the north of the province and the bush there gets extremely thick and swampy with a wealth of beaver ponds and wildlife. Prime bigfoot habitat in my opinion.

He is no longer in contact with the other witness so I couldn't get her contact information. If that changes in the future I'll post an update.

While talking to him he recalled another time several years later when he was camping with some friends on a lake in the same area and could hear at least twenty coyotes all yapping at once. In his own words there was "a high pitched noise" and everything went suddenly silent. Even the frogs in the area stopped croaking.

I tried doing a search for missing persons from that area at the time of the sighting to see if there was any kind of connection with what they saw but I couldn't find anything.

About BFRO Investigator Darcy Stoffregen:

Darcy has participated in the 2007 Oregon, 2007 Vancouver Island, 2008 and 2009 BC Coastal, and 2010 Vancouver Island expeditions. He organized the 2008, 2009, 2010 BC Interior expeditions and coorganized the 2009 Alberta expedition.

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