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Report # 24235  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, July 24, 2008.
Man recounts watching a sasquatch cross road near Cross Anchor
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YEAR: 1991

SEASON: Winter

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: Laurens County

NEAREST TOWN: Cross anchor


OBSERVED: In 1991, I don't remember the exact date, my wife, then girlfriend, and I were
riding around the backroads of Cross Anchor trying to see any deer crossing
or standing on the side of the road. This was our typical date, all you redneck
country boys will understand. I don't remember the name of the road we were
on but it was between hwy.49 and hwy.72 not far from ridge rd. back toward
Clinton. It was around 1 or 2 in the morning. We were going down this road
and way out in front of us, out to the point where the headlights barely reach,
we saw something cross the road on two legs. I punched the gas and sped
up to try to get down there so maybe we could see what it was. When we got
to the area where it crossed I stopped and rolled the window down and was
shining my mag light in the woods. Back about maybe twenty yards in the woods
I noticed this tree that had a big lump on the side of it. Well, I focused my light
on that tree for a few seconds just looking when all of sudden this thing stepped
out, looked right at us then turned and walked on into the woods out of sight.
At that point I didn't know what to do. My wife was yelling for me to get out of
there so I hit the gas and drove off. Being dark as it was, it's hard to say just
how big it was but I would guess around 7 feet tall. It looked to be covered in
brownish hair all over. I'm not sure about the face, I couldn't see it that good.
The only reason I knew it was looking at us was because it's eyes were
glowing red from the flashlight. I've hunted that area for years, and I've heard
a lot of unusual things but that was the only time I ever seen anything like that.

OTHER WITNESSES: my wife and I

OTHER STORIES: myself, my brother, and a friend were hunting one evening not far from there. It was getting late, around 5 I guess when I heard something make this howl or moan like sound 3 different times. The last time it done it sounded like it was on the creek down behind me. a little later all of us heard a group of hunters who were running with dogs start yelling and shooting at something. my brother said they were pretty close to him and he heard one of the yell "what the hell is that"? then he heard another say "i don't knowshoot it, shoot it know!" them it sounded like world war 3 in the woods, then it got quiet.after we met back up at dark my brother asked me if i heard all the commotion. he said when all the shooting stopped he heard somebody say "i don't know what the hell that was but get the dogs and lets get out of here".

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was around 1 or 2 in the morning. It was a clear night. There were no street lights on the road and very few houses. No houses in the area where we saw it.

ENVIRONMENT: It was seen in an area of set out pines that were full grown with very little underbrush.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

The witness was interviewed by phone, and added several details to the report he submitted:

- The witness is an avid deer hunter, and was scouting locations to hunt. He was riding around with his girlfriend, shining his Maglite into the woods as he drove.

- He hunted the area often and knows it well.The area is rural, and while there are houses, there are not many. The houses in the area are several miles apart, and on larger lots and tracts of land.

- The area of the sighting had no houses at all, and there were no lights. There was a cow pasture with a barbed wire fence on the right side of the road.

- The couple were in a Honda Prelude, and the witness downshifted and sped up to get a closer look as the animal crossed in front of the car. The headlights allowed the animal to be visible as it passed.

- The witness kept the Maglite out the window as they approached, and then stopped the car.

- The animal had walked into the woods approximately 20 yards, and was standing behind a tree. At this time, the witness thought his eyes must be playing tricks on him; as the tree appeared to move back and forth with a "hump" on its side.

- When the sasquatch stepped out from behind the tree, it walked slowly away. When it turned its head towards the witness and his girlfriend, the witness said "Did you see that?" and his girlfriend, very upset, yelled "Go, go, go!"

- They were both very shaken and scared. They wondered to each other "What to do, what to do?" The witness has not returned to the sighting area in more than 15 years.

About BFRO Investigator MB Pope:

Lives in coastal South Carolina and is self employed in construction and development. Loves the outdoors and has hiked throughout the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, Chile, Argentina, and the Appalachians. She attended BFRO in SC (2007), NC (2008), and Georgia (2008). She will be attending the 2009 expeditions in North Carolina and Georgia.

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