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Report # 2399  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, February 28, 2000.
Human-like "animal" seen by family while target shooting near an open pasture.
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YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Harrison County

LOCATION DETAILS: Leaving Marshall Texas on hwy 59, you come to a community called Woodlawn. Turning East off of hwy 59 just pass the railroad tracks. Travel small blacktop road for short distance, come to a metal gate to the right. This is private property.

NEAREST TOWN: Marshall or Woodlawn


OBSERVED: Easter Sunday. My husband, two girls 6 and 9 years old and myself had completed our Easter visits with family and decided to take the girls out his family's land to let them be in nature and give him a chance to target practice. We drove through the gate on the dirt road until we came to an open pasture on the right (these pastures are planted for deer hunting) We parked the car in this open area. Walked back to dirt raod and went East to a little pond. Let girls see tadpoles and throw rocks ect. When from behind us, there was loud crunching in brush. We decided to move back toward the car. After hearing nothing more, my husband wanted to shoot pistol. We crossed dirt road immediatly aross from pasture where car parked to a deep ravine. I am 5ft 7 husband 5ft 10. The sides of ravine was over our head. We shot several times when suddenly, a large animal lunged into the ravine in front of us only about 10 to 15 feet. He paused, looked at us and then in one leap, jumped out of ravine. We froze for a moment then husband crabbed 6 year and I took the hand of 9 year old. We ran towards the car. And to our surprise, the loud brush noises inicated the animal was running toward our car. It stopped in brushline immedialty in front of our car. We unlocked drivers door and shoved kids in climbing in behind. One of my concerns is the descriptions I've heard are not the same animal we saw. This animal was grayish in color. Hair long about 5-6 inches. It wasn't very thick hair, seemed as if you could almost see skin through hair. Very wide shoulders, his upper arms were very long, linear and powerful looking. His thigh bones were also very long. Unlike the drawings of bigfoot, he had a short neck and round head. Far more human looking than the blocky thick shapes of drawings. The light was good. He jumped in ravine between us and the target.

OTHER WITNESSES: Total of two adults and two children. The girls were standing behind us while we had shot our new 9mm pistol at a paper bull's eye we had secured in side of ravine.

OTHER STORIES: Stories from the Caddo Lake area. However, they descibe the block head with brown hair. thick through the middle.

ENVIRONMENT: Woods and a few open pastures with a small pond. This is a 460 acre track of private property. There is a deep old river bed located there (perhaps it was an old road that was worn down very deep).

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