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Report # 23961  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, June 6, 2008.
Woman & daughter experience various incidents near Ozaukee
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: 15

STATE: Wisconsin

COUNTY: Ozaukee County

OBSERVED: In 2007, my mother—who had her trailer parked on some friends property—spent a few months camping in it last summer. One particular night, around 8:00pm while she was watching TV, she said she had a feeling like she was being watched. When she looked up out the window she could see something standing approximately 40 feet from the trailer. She quickly realized it wasn’t a person, but something like a man was watching her. She said as quick as she blinked it was gone. She estimated it to be between 6-1/2 to 7ft. tall. There were some patio lights strewn outside, and the moonlight were enough for her to see that something was definitely standing outside.


ENVIRONMENT: Seventy Five percent of the area is farmland, 10% are homes and businesses, the rest (15%) is wooded.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator B.G. Martin:

I spoke to the witness over the phone for several hours and met she and her two adult children for two hours at the location. D.L. is in her fifties and works in the health care field. Her daughter, R.L. also works in the same industry and is in her twenties. Her son, B.L. in his thirties, works for a shipping company. I quickly felt comfortable talking to them about their experiences and things in general. B.L. didn’t have any experiences but purposely avoids the property after dark.

Speaking with D.L. she told me of other incidents they had experienced earlier in the year and one incident as far back as 1995. All but the 1995 incident occurred between August and October of 2007. The incidents are listed in chronological order.

An incident in 1995 stood out in her mind because it was experienced by 5 females and was unusual. Three of the women were adult and the other two were young girls. What they heard was something breaking branches as it moved along about 165 feet to the east of them. They didn’t understand what could be moving around making that much noise for 1–2 minutes. The witness’ sister went inside and got a powerful flood light. She flashed the light in the direction of the noise and they could see red eyes shining back at them. The eyes weren’t reflective like a dog or cats’. The eyes were set much higher (at @ 6’) than what a deer would be at that spot in the terrain. Whatever it was began to make a noise that lasted for 3 seconds, it “sounded similar to a bunch of animals fighting, but worse”, and then it charged the group of women. The woman dropped the light, and the group ran 50 yards from where they were sitting. Things happened fast and the group was so startled and afraid that they could have gone 25ft and been inside the trailer but instead they ran the 50 yards to get away. The woman dropped the light before the subject came into view, and the incident ended with the charge.

In August of 2007 the witness was sitting in her trailer watching tv. Just above the tv was a window facing north. It was about half an hour past sunset and there was still a little light out. There was a string of Christmas type lights on that were red, white and blue, they were strung along the outside perimeter of the patio deck. The lights provided adequate lighting to see a short distance.

The witness felt like something was watching her and she looked up. Fifty ft away in front of a white shed was something she knew wasn’t human. It was facing her directly; all she could see was the face and head. It had a conical head, its face was light; there was hardly any hair by the nose, eyes and cheeks, and the hair was dark brown to black in color. She had difficulty describing the color of the skin but explained it as being close to a grayish tan/cream color. She viewed it for 3–4 seconds before she looked away for a moment and then looking back it was gone. She estimated its height at 7’ to 7’6" ft tall when comparing it to her son who is a little over 6’. She wasn’t scared at the time when she viewed it, but described feeling stunned.

In an incident a week later, her house cat had been having this strange habit of wanting to leave the trailer and when she left she would run a specific route away into the woods and be gone for 2 hours. The cat moved with urgency, described by the witness as like a “cat on a mission”. This cat otherwise didn’t care for being outside at all.

It was 10pm when the witness heard commotion and the cat wanting to get into the trailer. She heard a sound that she described as cats and dogs fighting, but worse. There were growls and snarls and combinations of different sounds that continued for 30–45 seconds. It sounded like a bunch of animals put together and it sounded mad. The witness was standing just inside the door of the trailer and couldn’t tell what was making the sounds; it was by the wood pile 40 ft away. It was just out of reach of the string of lights. The sound was coming from something that was elevated off the ground. The sounds scared the witness so much that she didn’t open the door to let the cat in and the witness shook for an hour afterward. The cat went under the deck. The witness wondered why it, whatever it was, didn’t pursue the cat all the way up to the trailer?

Two weeks later the witness was outside sitting by a campfire at 1am and heard the sound of fighting animals again. It was 40 yards away, but it wasn’t as intense and mad as the incident before. She put water on the fire and went inside immediately.

R.L., the witness' daughter, had been visiting a neighbor and was walking home at 2:30am when something intentionally shook the branch of a tree 30 ft from her. The branch was high enough that it wasn’t an animal moving the branch inadvertently. There wasn’t any light around to tell who or what had shaken the branch. She immediately ran home.

The next incidents happened in the first weeks of October 2007.

Around 10pm the witness was in her trailer and something started to shake and push the trailer and it lasted for several seconds. The movement came from the corner of the trailer that’s up against the woods. The movement wasn’t enough to make her fall or knock the trailer off the jacks. Later D.L. had B.L. who is in good shape (185 lbs, 6’) to shake the trailer, but D.L. couldn’t even tell that he was trying to move the trailer.

Two days later when her daughter was alone in the trailer at 1:30am sleeping, D.L. felt the trailer being shaken with an up and down motion for a minute. At first she was frightened but went back to bed. All together the trailer was shaken half a dozen times more. After awhile she got used to the shaking and didn’t get frightened by it.

D.L. and R.L. lived at the location until it got to be too much. They were going to stay there until the end of October but decided to leave sooner as the trailer isn’t winterized.

Details of the location are being left vague because this is an on-going investigation.

Below is a composite of several drawings to help come up with what D.L. saw standing across from her trailer.

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