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Report # 23637  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, April 18, 2008.
Child on ATV sees creature on all-fours near Ardmore
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YEAR: 2008

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 18th

STATE: Oklahoma

COUNTY: Carter County



OBSERVED: First of all, we are staying at a park that has a winding deep creek at the back of 16 + acres.. anyway today my grandchildren and their parents came out to the park to see us. The children's parents recently bought them 4-wheelers and this is approx. the 4th time they have come to the park to ride them...

Today was just like every other time they have come out to ride them. We drive our vehicles about 1/8 mile away from the actual park grounds and that's where the kids and adults ride the 4-wheelers. We all rode back there for hours... We were making alot of noise of course with 3 children and 4 adults. Even the owner drove back there in his pickup and stayed awhile... All I am saying is there was alot of noise and I had my Jack Russell Terrier, with me.

I came back to the park area along with my husband about 6:30p.m. The kids and their parents continued to stay out there and ride. I got a call from my son. He told me that my 7 year old grandson had just encountered some type of large animal. He said that he wasn't sure what it was but said it was big and looked sort of like a monkey with long hair all over it and had a bump on it's head. He said it wasn't running. It scared him half to death and he looked behind him at his dad yelled for his help. My son went on to say that he immediately sped up to where my grandson was and knew immediately something was wrong by the sound of his scream. He immediately got to where my grandson was on the 4-wheeler. He said that it was as if a limb had been pulled way back on a tree and then let go. It was still moving when he got over there. His immediate thought was, what is it? First thought was maybe a large dog, but as my grandson began to describe it standing all all fours and yet being as tall as his dad's seemed to be out of the question. I wondered if there are bears in Oklahoma.. We sort of dismissed it but my grandson kept talking about it.

You would just have to know this 7 year old. He doesn't lie about anything. You can pretty much always believe him. He is a really calm, good kid who just loves 4-wheelers more than anything in life....

Anyway, we couldn't figure out what it was and his parents are trying to convince my grandson that whatever it was is gone now.... my grandson said, "It looked like Harry on Harry and the Hendersons movie but with a bump on it's head and it wasn't standing up. He described it as having long hair all over it's body. He said it was the color of his hair(blonde) on part of it and dark too.

Well, late tonight, my husband called my son and told him that he knew of a man in Davis, Oklahoma that had written a book about bigfoot and swears that they are in Oklahoma... It sounded ridiculous until my daughter-in-law typed into a search engine on the internet tonight.. bigfoot sightings in oklahoma.. She began to read about them and that's when my grandson said, "that's what I saw except it wasn't standing up.

Now it's got us wondering if whatever my grandson saw today, actually lives there and is upset that we have disturbed it all.

I mean what animal would come that close to all that noise of 4-wheelers and people and cars and a barking Jack Russell dog? It was approx. 7:00pm when this happened today and still light outside.

I don't know what to make of it except my grandson saw something that scared him bad, so much so that he refuses to do his most favorite thing....ride the 4-wheelers at Papa and Nanas.

ALSO NOTICED: I also have a cat missing. I've had her for over 6 years and she never leaves or wanders off.

OTHER WITNESSES: My son who saw the tree limb move.

OTHER STORIES: Years ago, when traveling to Turner Falls, my husband spoke to a man in Davis Oklahoma who supposedly wrote a book about bigfoot sightings is a town called Dourghtery, Oklahoma. Don't know him personally and in fact never believed any of it... but now I'm sort of re-thinking the whole issue... bigfoot possibility.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 6:45pm - 7:00pm

ENVIRONMENT: There is a deep creek bed with very little water in it which surrounds the area. Very wooded area but some clearings.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with all witnesses and believe them to be very sincere.

The grandson was approximately 25' from the creature and the father was an additional 25' farther away. Both were on four-wheelers so he was able to get to his son quickly.

In addition to the above statement, they reported that while listening to sound recordings outside on their laptop, vocals were heard.

They played the Ohio Howl and their pets were non-responsive. As soon as the recording ended, they heard two distinct howls from the woods apparently in response to the recording. At that time both the cat and dog heard the live responses and became very agitated. Agitated to the point of scratching at the door to get in the camper. The grandmother said it sounded as if it was right outside.

Also reported; 20 to 30 human-like tracks were found at a very wide gait and in a single row.

I made an on-site investigation where some possible vocalizations occured. A handfull of varying sized prints were found as well.

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