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Report # 2351  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, October 1, 1989.
Elk hunters hear loud screams in James Canyon
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YEAR: 1989


MONTH: October


COUNTY: Emery County

LOCATION DETAILS: James Canyon area


OBSERVED: Dear sirs,

In Oct. 1989 while hunting elk in Fairview, Utah, my friend and I both heard a very penetrating scream that lasted about 10 seconds and repeated itself for a duration of about 2 minutes. We were in James Canyon which is a very long horse ride from the road and we were sitting underneath some trees waiting for sunup. We had scouted this place all summer and knew a large population of elk were in the area. We never saw another person in any previous trips and saw none on this particular day.

The scream was extremely volumous and shook the whole forest. It had the sound of a mixture of a baby crying, a mountain lion roaring and the snort of a bull-I have spent my whole life in the woods of North America pursuing game animals and have heard every possible noise. I have also practiced veterinary Med for 20 years and teach Biology. In short I have heard it all until this. My friend and I never did figure out what it was until a student played the Ohio scream for me and all the memories came flooding in. I had my hunting buddy listen to it also and it took his breath away.

We had big guns at the time of the incident so we did not fear anything but now we wish we had pursued the thing making the noise. We are not kooks and will swear on a stack of Outdoor Life's that this is true. It has me convinced we were dang close to a very furry friend.

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