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Report # 21792  (Class A)
Submitted by witness NO on Tuesday, September 25, 2007.
Night Time Sighting by Motorist - South of Lupton
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YEAR: 2007


MONTH: September

DATE: 22

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Ogemaw County

LOCATION DETAILS: Hwy 75 to exit 202 to N- M-33 20 miles to Rose City . Take a right on Rose City Road and about 5 miles down by Luton Road


NEAREST ROAD: Rose City Road

OBSERVED: I was driving down rose City Road in Lupton Michigan at about, 10:10 p.m. and the road that I was driving on goes right through the lupton swamp. I seen something in the middle of the road. It was huge. I slamed my brakes on. and the closer I got the more detail I saw, and the faster it moved. When I saw it it was in the middle of the road but when my car got closer as I was putting on the brakes. The creature somehow was sudenley was on the side of the road , approximately 10 ft from where I originally seen it. I never saw it move it was just there all of a sudden.It was very Tall about 7-8 ft. all hairy, on the sides the hair was dark in color with a silverish grey top layer . with a chest span from back to front at least 2 ft. across.It was standing on 2 legs straight up. At first this whole thing seemed unreal . I then took the closer look and that is how I got my description.Then out of know where it was gone.


OTHER STORIES: no. but I looked it up after I saw it and that is how I found this sight


ENVIRONMENT: Dark , Chilli, in the 50's .

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

The witness was 43 years old at the time and was driving to work, she’s a nurse at a nursing home. She typically drives 65 mph on this stretch of the road. She noticed something ahead in the middle of the road. She was concerned because she has hit many deer over the years. She saw a large upright animal ahead in the road in her headlights. She started slowing down and then got a better look as she got closer.

What she saw was at least 8 feet tall and erect on its hind legs. It had a coat that had a silverish hue to it. She only had a profile view of it but felt it had a dimension of 2 to 3 feet from the front of its chest to its back. She looked down at her speedometer for a moment and when she looked up it was on the side of the road. When she finally stopped her car she was within 20 feet of it and by the time it was going into the swamp. She wasn’t able to provide any other details about its appearance.

She was certain it wasn’t a bear because of its height, the bipedal gait, and the speed with which it moved wasn’t typical of what a bear could do on its hind legs. There are a lot of bears in the area and she’s very familiar with their appearance. She’s also sure it wasn’t a human because of its size.

She was more shocked at what she was seeing than being scared but she wasn’t thinking about getting out of the car to see where it went.

She’s sure about the height because her step father was 6’9’’. Her son is stocky and has a large chest but she said what she saw in the road was easily twice the size of her son.

The witness has lived in the area most of here life and she has had a couple of other experiences that she’s never been able to explain. In 1982, 5 miles to the east of where she had the sighting, she went outside during the evening to take the dog off its leash. When she was outside something screamed so loud that she described it as “something from the pits of hell”. She was so startled and scared that she left the dog outside on the leash. She called her husband at work to come home and let the dog in. She couldn’t tell from which direction the scream came from, she said it sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

In 1988, 7 miles to the east of the sighting, she was outside her home on Christmas morning and she saw foot prints in the freshly fallen snow. There wasn’t a lot of snow but she was able to see that there were toes and features similar to a person walking bare footed in the snow. The foot prints where 13’’ long by 8’’ wide. She looked at a few prints and at the time chalked it up to some crazy person walking around in their bare feet.

South of Rose City Road is Rifle River State Recreation Area which contains more than ten miles of streams and river, as well as 10 lakes and ponds. There is a wide variety of habitat types, including upland hardwood and pine forest, open grassland, lowland forest, cedar swamp, bog, marsh and open water.

I did a little mountain biking in the area years ago and can verify that it has some very remote areas to it.

About BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

Don Peer lives in northern Michigan and has studied the bigfoot phenomenon all his life. He has attended numerous Michigan expeditions and co-organized the 2011 Michigan BFRO expedition. He is an avid outdoorsman and works for the Michigan Department of Corrections.
Don Peer may be contacted at

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