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Report # 20884  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, August 15, 2007.
Daytime encounter by two people near Rock Creek Road
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YEAR: 2007

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: August 9

STATE: Idaho

COUNTY: Cassia County

LOCATION DETAILS: South of Hansen, Rock Creek Road, almost to the
ski lodge

NEAREST TOWN: about 22 miles from town in the sawtooth forrest

NEAREST ROAD: about 2 miles from the hwy. on a dirt road

OBSERVED: I live in Kimberly Idaho. While my grandson was here visiting we drove to the South Hills in the Sawtooth Forrest. We turned off on a dirt road called Wolstrom Hollow. I have been there many
times looking at the beaver dams. We drove as far
as we could then parked my pickup and walked for about 1/4 mile more, when I saw, through the trees, a silver object and thought I heard people talking, which would have placed them where the
beaver dam is. I stopped and noticed a lot of elk and deer droppings and a very strong smell.

I asked Brandon if he smelled it and he said no. He said he kept hearing loud sticks banging together or against rocks. I could not hear that, but I kept smelling a very strong odor. Then Brandon
said he saw a scary thing, at about the same time my dog, which was on a leash, barked very loud with her hackles up. I said lets get out of here.

On the way back to the pickup Brandon says he thinks it is following us, and my dog keep looking back. I just said keep walking, I didn't want to look like prey. At that time I didn't know
exactly what he saw.

We got in the pickup and drove out. Brandon then told me he saw a large hairy thing, hunched over, very tall, bigger than a bear and had peircing yellow eyes. He kept telling me it looked him right in the eyes and scared him so bad he couldn't move or talk.

Please let me hear from you. I had to tell someone. Then I talked to a friend who hunts and ride horses in the mountains and has cattle up in that area. Well he said that someone reported a bigfoot sighting around there about 3 years ago, and they saw the tracks. I am too afraid to go back there by myself. I think we stumbled on it eating an elk or deer.

Carol Sherman

ALSO NOTICED: I just remember the smell and I have been in that area in the past and not seen any elk or deer droppings. I saw a condensed amount of elk
tracks and droppings, also deer.

OTHER WITNESSES: myself and grandson - Brandon is 17 years old

OTHER STORIES: A friend, Birchie Brown, who is 83 years old, told me of a report about 3 years ago. People from town saw big foot tracks and thought they saw it. But my grandson said it looked him right in the eyes. It was very scary to him, and to me.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approx. 5:30pm Weather was warm,
no wind, no clouds

ENVIRONMENT: pine forrest, lots of quakey aspen, dirt road, no bridges. Wolstrom Hollow turn off Rock Creek Road, you turn to the east, drive on the dirt road for approx two miles, vier to the left at fork and go about 1/2 mile

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Nancy L. Jones:

I spoke with the reporting witness and learned that she is a former law enforcement deputy. She recounted the disturbing encounter she and her grandson had and said it is something they both think about every day.

A few additional details came out in our phone interview. The grandmother is familiar with this particular area and in the past has enjoyed viewing the multitude of birds and small animals that live along the creek. The day of the sighting, the reporting witness, her grandson and her eight month old puppy left Kimberly in the late afternoon for a nature outing.

Having not visited this spot for about a year, the grandmother mistakenly took a wrong turn at the fork as they neared the dam site. Realizing her mistake, she turned her truck around and headed back to take the correct turn. As soon as she made this turn and headed toward the dam, she was overcome with an eerie or uneasy feeling. This area had never given her a negative feeling before. Puzzled, but not wanting to disturb her grandson and ruin the outing, she kept this to herself and continued as far as the road was safe to drive her truck.

Wanting to enjoy the fresh air, they had the windows down as they drove. Both noticed that no bird or animal noises could be heard. This quiet was unusual in the grandmother’s prior experience here.

They pulled off the road in a pull-out area and the three of them began hiking toward the meadow and dam. Grandmotther noticed lots of elk prints and droppings and some deer sign where they parked and along the trail. She had never seen any sign of elk or deer presence here before.

The closer they got to the meadow with the beaver dam, the more uncomfortable grandmother felt. She also began smelling a strong animal odor and thought maybe it was related to all the ungulate droppings in the area.

After walking about a quarter mile, they stopped when grandmother thought she heard people talking or mumbling. At about the same time in the direction of the dam, she saw a silver or grey object (perhaps a car?). Putting two and two together, grandmother figured there must be some people up to no good parked in the trees beyond the dam. She kept focused in that direction.

Grandson was looking off to the side where he thought he saw something moving in the trees. As they stood still listening and watching, Grandmother asked grandson if he smelled or heard anything. He replied that he kept hearing sticks being banged together or against a rock.

Grandmother decided to tell grandson that she wanted to turn around because she felt uncomfortable going further. Before she could say anything, grandson said something scary was staring at him from the cover of the tree line, less than thirty yards away. At the same time, grandmother's usually playful puppy sensed something threatening and let out a loud warning bark. Although frightened, the three of them began walking back to the truck and resisted the urge to run. The dog kept looking back and grandson said he thought the thing he saw was following them. They heard twigs snapping periodically behind them.

Once in the truck and headed home, grandmother asked grandson what he saw. He said he saw something that was really tall, hunched over and peering through the trees at him. It looked like a person with a lot of hair all over its body, except that it was much bigger than a man. The most striking feature of the animal was its large eyes that were bright yellow like the sun. It looked right at him and grandson described the eyes as ‘penetrating’ and ‘evil.’ He felt menace in the animal’s stare and knew that they needed to leave right then.

Grandmother and grandson have not been able to get this experience out of their minds. Grandson in particular says he is still upset about the way the animal looked at him. Grandmother thinks that they may have disturbed an animal while it was feeding on an elk or deer.

They never did see another car or any people down the road to the beaver dam.

Grandmother surmised that the nearby forest fires this year may have pushed both the ungulates and the sasquatch into Wahlstrom Hollow in search of food.

Grandmother said she will not go back in there alone, but would like to look for prints and other signs left by the animal grandson saw.

I have made plans to accompany her there to look for physical evidence. The grandson has returned home to a different state. I will report what we find after I return from the on-site visit.

On-Site Visit Update - 8/22/07
I spent over an hour with the female witness, exploring the area where the sounds and sighting occurred. She was very credible and was able to give me a detailed description of how the events unfolded on-site. We did not find any direct evidence of sasquatch presence. We did find a large bedding area (sasquatch or elk herd?) and two thirty foot aspens bent across the road leading to the beaver pond (like an arbor). All the elk sign was at least a few days old, so the herd had apparently moved on to another grazing area. Presumably the sasquatch followed.

About BFRO Investigator Nancy L. Jones:

Nancy L. Jones is an M.B.A., presently doing occasional special projects for her husband's business and being a full-time mom. Formerly she worked as an IT Project Manager for Hewlett-Packard. She attended the 2007 Central Oregon Expedition.

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