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Report # 17292  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, January 13, 2007.
Late night sighting by motorist near Decker Montana
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: October

DATE: 1/13/07

STATE: Montana

COUNTY: Big Horn County

LOCATION DETAILS: The old town of Decker. It's not there anymore. They wanted to mine coal under it, so they moved it. But the sighting was right at the old town of Decker.

NEAREST TOWN: Decker Montana

NEAREST ROAD: Decker Highway

OBSERVED: Hi, My name is [J.G]. I was driving for express shuttle. My job was to deliver railroaders to their train. Or to move crews from one train to the other. A few months ago, I saw something that just wasn't right. No crew in the van because I'd been called to the coal mine to move one crew from a train to another train at the mine.

On the way out there, it's a long lonely road at night. I dropped down over the Decker hill and something was walking along the right hand side of the road. There's always Indians, "Native Americans" walking out that road looking to get a ride. That's what I thought I saw. But it walked across the road in front of me. I had to hit the binders hard. It wouldn't look at me. Just stood on the left shoulder of the road. It did kind of look over it's shoulder at me but I didn't get any facial features. It swayed when it turned.

I did notice that it had long hair, almost like it was groomed. Probably 8-10 inches long. Couldn't tell you what color it was because it was almost midnight and it was in the headlights.

The next day, I had to make a daylight run. I stopped and measured bushes, fence, and such. This thing was at least 8 feet tall. I looked for hair on the barbed wire, or tracks. Nothing.

This happened in the old town of Decker Montana. Decker was moved with the coal strike. I remember where the old town was. When you are driving North, you drop over a hill and the town was on the left. My mother in law used to have the restaurant. But it's gone now. However, this is where I encountered him/her when I dropped over the hill.

I did see deer before and after the sighting. It was almost like they weren't worried because they were within 200 yards.

Go ahead, call me a crack pot. All my friends have.

ALSO NOTICED: No, unfortunately not. It's funny, I carry a digital camera. I never even thougt of it.

OTHER STORIES: I have a friend that saw something in this area, but he couldn't be specific.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 11pm or midnight. I arrived at the mine at 12:06. So it was about 10 minutes before that.

ENVIRONMENT: It's really hilly, a few trees. Lot's of game in antelope, deer and such.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Lee Bushong:

Contacted witness by phone. He described the sighting in detail for me and his description matched his original statement. He went into greater detail about the size and posture of the animal he witnessed.

Witnessed animal walking down right side of the road. He thought it was a person at first then noticed the long hair all over its body as it was crossing the road. The animal then stopped with its back to the vehicle. The hair was eight to twelve inches long and "swayed" as the animal turned and stopped. The distance to the animal at this point was between ten and twelve feet away. The animal looked as if it was bent over while walking. Arms hung straight down and were very long, past knees. The hands were visible and balled into fists. The legs were long, thin and "gangly". Shoulders were very wide like a football player's with pads on. Very large, at least eight feet tall.

He estimated the animal's weight at between 600 and 700 lbs. The animal looked as if it ducked its head and neck as it stood there. Never looked at the vehicle directly. Stood still a few seconds and then went down to the left into a ditch toward a fence. Never saw it after it went into the ditch. The color was uniform and dark brown or "coconut". The hair was much shorter on the head. Could not see the feet and no odor was noticed, windows were up on the vehicle. The animal walked at a normal gate, not in a hurry. The witness went back a few days later to look for hair in the fence or tracks but found nothing.

This witness was very open about the encounter and I could tell it struck him at his core. He is still questioning what he saw and has not quite come to grips with it. He contacted us only after the urging of his family members. He is afraid of being ridiculed because of the sighting.

About BFRO Investigator Lee Bushong:

Lee Bushong owns and manages a property management company in Jackson, Wyoming. He participated in the Colorado 05 and Oregon 06 expeditions.

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