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Report # 15178  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, July 12, 2006.
Two part report of possible vocalizations, footprints and a nest, near Jacob Lake
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: March

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Coconino County

LOCATION DETAILS: montain road wall to wall plenty of tall ever green pine



OBSERVED: We were on our way back from Las Vegas NV going around 89A over the mountian road of Jacob Lake and the North rim of the Grand Canyon. My aunt thought it would be fun to play in the snow so we pulled over, we were in a type of gorge where the road cuts threw the mountians as were playing i thought i could hear someone yelling it was loud because i heard this sound over my cousins snow fight. i guess my aunt heard the same thing because she had a weird look on her face and as we were ready to leave the area we all heard the second howl this time it was loud and clear and deep. so we high tail it out of there my aunt did not want to know what made that noise. i compared this howl to the ohio howl on your website they are exaclly the same. i believe the howl i heard was not from the local wildlife.


OTHER WITNESSES: aunt,cousins

OTHER STORIES: not noise, but me and my cousin were fishing down oak creekcanyon AZ north of sedona AZ we stumble across tracks and a nest.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: mid day amost evening

ENVIRONMENT: foresty,cold

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator TF Zamiski:

I spoke with this witness twice discussing the details of both incidents in this report. With the main report of sounds near Jacob Lake there isn't much to add. He heard two possible vocalizations resembling the Ohio Howl in sound and duration.

The second part of this report mentions tracks and a nest found north of Sedona, I can add the following details:

- In late winter 2000 the witness along with two others found an unpopulated area along Oak Creek Canyon to fish. They descended into the canyon and found several tracks in the melting snow. The tracks looked like a naked footprint with toes and were a few inches longer than than his 10 1/2 shoe but not much wider. The "footprints" led toward the road and ended where the snow stopped. The estimated length of stride was about 4'.

-They back tracked and found the footprints originated near a ledge covered by an outcrop of stone. On the covered ledge they found brush and sticks that appeared to be a bed or nest that was big enough for all three to crawl into. There was no sign of feces, bones or trash. It just looked as though something sought shelter there.

About BFRO Investigator TF Zamiski:

Tim is semi retired. He attended the 2006 Arizona Expedition and the 2006 Wisconsin Expedition. Tim helped organize the 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2015 Arizona Expeditions and the 2011 New Mexico expedition. Active Investigator since 2005.

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