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Report # 15150  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, July 9, 2006.
Possible daylight sighting by backwoods motorist couple near Huron National Forest
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YEAR: 2006

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Oscoda County

LOCATION DETAILS: I am unsure, but I can get them from my friend if needed


NEAREST ROAD: M33 -paved rd - was on dirt road -valley rd

OBSERVED: My boyfriend was driving me and some friends through a wooded area near Mio, Michigan. It is some dirt roads to the left of 33(This was my first time to this part so I am not certain, exactly where I was). We were cruising along looking at the woods that had been recently burned down. Down the road right after this hill, my boyfriend and I both saw a white figure crossing the road. Jokingly he says "there is sasquatch", we both just assumed it was a human since it was walking upright across the road.

I was unsure how how big it was since we were far down the road. When we got over the hill, I made a reference to seeing something and figuring it was a human wondering why there wasnt a car in sight. We then began talking about how strange this whole thing was.

We went back to the area we saw him crossing the road and looked for footprints but the road didnt show prints. We speculated on the reasons for someone being in the deserted woods. Needless to say, we drove around in circles for an hour looking. I had the weirdest feeling in my stomach knowing I saw something different. I did not really think I saw a sasquatch until I came home and did a little research.

OTHER WITNESSES: 3 other witnesses besides me. My boyfriend was driving and the two friends were in the backseat.

OTHER STORIES: Just the ones I have read online

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was 1pm in the afternoon, Mid eighties, nice and sunny

ENVIRONMENT: It was crossing a dirt road and on either sides is forests that were burned down a few months ago, the grass is returning and is pretty high on both sides of the road. The side he was crossing to further back is a heavy forest area with lots of trees and a lake.

Follow-up investigation report:

Talked to the witness and she added information to her written report. She said her first impression was it was someone riding a bike -leaning over and legs spinning. It was too far away for her to see the face or arms clearly. She gave me the phone number of the boyfriend who also saw the animal.

Talked to the US Forest Service rep for that area. He said that area burned over April 30, 2006. It is called the Hughes Lake burn and 5900 acres of jackpiney area burned over and included the area indicated by the witness.

Valley Road is about 7 miles south of Mio and there are 2 lakes about 3 miles west from M33 so the sighting should have been in that area.

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