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Report # 13949  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, February 26, 2006.
Late-night road-crossing sighting by firefighter near the Potomac River
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YEAR: 1970's

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 30

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Berkeley County

LOCATION DETAILS: Knipetown Road about seven miles down Route 11 north approximately 7 miles north of Martinsburg, WV and to the west of Route 11


NEAREST ROAD: Knipetown Road

OBSERVED: It was back in probably the early 1970's, Spring time, late at night (around midnight). I was out riding down this road that had a farm on one side and an apple orchard on the other. As I was driving there was some movement about two hundred yards in front of me going across the roadway from the farm to the orchard. When the object got to the middle of the road it turned its head and looked in my direction, at this time I got a real good look at it, about 8 to 9 feet tall very heavy build, long lanky arms, long dark red hair, very long stride (about two and a half steps to cross road). If I was to guess his weight, it would have been around 4 to 5 hundred pounds. I was on a road with very little traffic (I was the only vehicle on the road at that time). I got to admit, I was not a bigfoot believer until that night. I didn't tell anyone about this because I knew they would not believe me. I was one of the chief officers in our local fire department at the time and I didn't want people to think I was nuts. Oh by the way, I did get close enough to see what it was or wasn't. I know I was shaken up a bit and did not travel that road for a long time afterwards.

ALSO NOTICED: I didn't stick around, too shook up at what I had just seen.


OTHER STORIES: No, none in this area, that is another reason I didn't say anything.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night time, very dark, damp conditions.

ENVIRONMENT: Large farm on south side of road and large Apple orchard on the north side of the road

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with this witness over the phone on 5/16/2006. The witness, a former chief officer in his local fire department, was very adamant about what he saw.

Additional facts :

The sighting took place at approximately 2:00AM.

The hair on the animal was a somewhat uniform length. He estimated it to be six inches long or so. It had a reddish/brown color.

When the animal looked in the direction of the witness, the eyes had a glare from the headlights of his vehicle.

His impression was that it was a male.

The witness just kept driving because he was surprised at what he saw. This was the only encounter he ever had.

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