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Report # 1375  (Class B)
Submitted on Wednesday, February 24, 1999.
fresh set of tracks found in the snow.
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YEAR: 1986


MONTH: October

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Teller County

LOCATION DETAILS: Teller county, Colorado, near Cripple Creek, around the Cripple Creek watershed.

OBSERVED: The following was told to me by a close friend, in a most serious manner, I have no reason to doubt him. It was October 1986, near the Cripple Creek water shed. At first light
my friend, his father, and his cousin had crested a hill in 2 pickups. There was about 6" of new fallen snow on the ground. On the hillside in front of them (about 200 yards), they noticed a fresh set of tracks, large and easy to distinguish in the new snow. The tracks left a heavy wooded area, went down the hill (open area), looped around and went back up to the forest.(my friend drew a omega type symbol in the air). My friend remembers telling his father," what kind of idiot would be walking around up here and would walk that way around the hillside." His cousin took his binoculars and studied the area for some time looking for elk. He squinted his eyes and leaned forward to concentrate on something he saw. My friend asked him several times what he saw, but got no awnser. He said his cousin turned as white as a sheet and put down the binoculars. He asked him again, " what do you see?" He cousin seemed very up- set and said, " I'm not gonna tell you, I know, you'll just make fun of me." After more prodding he said, " I think I just saw bigfoot". They did not go and investigate the area further, or go see the tracks upclose. They avoided the area all together. I dont have permission to use any names so I cant give any here, but maybe in the future I will talk to my friends cousin and get more details. I did show my friend this web site, and he asked me to print out some sightings in the same area to show his cousin.

OTHER WITNESSES: Riding in a truck preparing to go hunting.

ENVIRONMENT: High mountian forest just below timber line, some open areas. Around 10,000 feet elevation

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