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Report # 1360  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 15, 1997.
Campers report finding large footprints in the snow
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YEAR: 1980

SEASON: Winter

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: El Paso County

LOCATION DETAILS: Footprints were sighted by myself, and a friend, while winter camping behind Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

OBSERVED: Sometime in the late 1970s, a friend and myself were winter camping in the Pike National forest outside of Colorado Springs. I dont recall exactly what month of the year it was, but there was still abundant snow cover all around our camp area.After breakfast, on a sunny morning, we decided to explore the area.The snow in the area was in many places, up to our waists. After trekking through deep snow , we came upon a trail that was located on a rise from the valley floor. we followed the trail for a short distance, when we came upon some very large footprints. Thinking how strange these footprints looked, (size, shape, ect.) , we knew that they were not of any animal that we knew of. These footprints looked human except that the were very large.( what would a bare-foot ,huge person , be doing way out here in the middle of winter?)we were thinking! We followed the footprints for a while, untill we came to an area where two adjacent mountains joined, at that place the ! snow became very deep, and impossible for us to continue. The footprints, however, continued right up the area, never breaking stride, and not overly disturbing the unbroken snow. After returning home, and telling our story to our friends and families, and met with disbelief, we didnt discuss our sightings again... untill now!

OTHER WITNESSES: we were hiking around our camp area.

ENVIRONMENT: the footprint sightings were in the mountainous region, about 7000-8000 ft., behind Pikes Peak.A heavy snow covered most of the ground.

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