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Report # 13411  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, December 29, 2005.
Man recalls a nighttime sighting while viewing the city lights in Chataqua Park
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YEAR: 1995


MONTH: November


STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Boulder County

LOCATION DETAILS: The location was in Chataqua Park near the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder. To reach Chataqua Park, just drive west on Baseline Road from the CU Boulder campus. You will drive up a short but fairly steep hill, and the park will be on your left side and clearly labled.

NEAREST TOWN: Boulder, Colorado

NEAREST ROAD: Baseline Road

OBSERVED: I live in Denver, Colorado and I may have seen a bigfoot when I was in college in Boulder, Colorado several years ago. This occurred in November 1995. I was a freshman college student in Boulder, Colorado, and I used to like hiking in Chataqua Park nearby, which is higher than the rest of Boulder and faces the city. One night I was in Chataqua Park at about 11pm. It was cold and I was standing in my coat, looking down at the city lights. Suddenly, I heard a rustling sound and turned toward it. That's when I saw a large figure that was silhouetted against the city lights. It looked like a very large, hairy, naked person with a powerful build, broad shoulders, and a relatively small, pointed or bullet-shaped head. It spotted me, which made me afraid of being attacked, but instead it began running toward the cover of the trees. Its running gait was unlike that of any person I had seen. It was a kind of hunched-over, loping gait. Nevertheless, the figure moved quickly and disappeared behind a tree. That was all I saw of the figure. I have always considered this a possible bigfoot sighting.

ALSO NOTICED: I did not look for footprints or hair. My testimony of this sighting is the only report I have.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were no other witnesses.

OTHER STORIES: I am not aware of other specific bigfoot sightings in Boulder, although I have heard that they have been seen in Boulder.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Time of night: about 11:00 PM
Lighting: Being nighttime, it was dark so visibility was poor. However, there was some moonlight, as well as light from the nearby city of Boulder.
Weather: It was a cold, somewhat windy night with some cloud cover.

ENVIRONMENT: The sighting was in the lower areas of Chataqua Park, which is a sloped grassy area. This area is near the park's pine forest, but itself contains very few trees. I was standing near the hiking trail that cuts through the middle of this park, and the creature I saw was standing some 30 meters away from me. We stood there for a few seconds, apparently trying to look at each other in the dark, and then the creature made its way toward the trees. It stepped behind a lone tree and that's when I lost track of it and didn't see it anymore.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Mark Taylor:

I contacted the reporting party, who is a 33 year old microbiology researcher with a degree in Biology from CU and masters in Zoology from Florida. His sighting occurred in 1995 while he was a sophomore at CU in Boulder Colorado.

He had hiked up (alone) the slope about ¼ mile from Chataqua Park parking lot that overlooks the city of Boulder to look at the city lights. He had been standing there a few minutes when he heard a rustling noise, he turned to see a silhouette described as “ a very large, hairy, naked person” about 100 feet away on a lightly wooded, grassy slope, then it immediately ran and disappeared behind a tree. The sighting lasted approximately fifteen (15) seconds. He was unnerved by the sighting and ran back to his car.

Not wanting to face ridicule from his fellow friends and students he waited 10 years to file this report.

A note on the location, Chataqua Park sits to the west of the city of Boulder and borders the Roosevelt National Forest to the west.

About BFRO Investigator Mark Taylor:

Mark Taylor is a retired business professional and is currently self-employed in the classic car business. As a Rocky Mountain area native he is an avid outdoorsman and was group leader of search and rescue operations logging over 800 hrs. of field time in 5 years as well as 200 hours of professional search and rescue training. He resides in Conifer & Grand Junction CO with his wife. Mark has worked in recent years with Colorado BFRO members and attended expeditions in Colorado, Washington & New Mexico as well leading Colorado expeditions.

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