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Report # 1279  (Class A)
Submitted by witness D. J. on Monday, June 19, 2000.
Ape-like creature seen by a Tow-Truck driver between Splitlake and Gilliam Manitoba
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YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Spring


PROVINCE: Manitoba



NEAREST ROAD: Prov Road 280

OBSERVED: It happened around 05:30 or 06:00 AM in May of 1999 on Prov Road 280 roughly half way between Splitlake and Gilliam, Manitoba. The sun was just coming up, it was still a little cool out. I drive a towtruck up here in Thompson, Manitoba. I was on my way back to town with a rental truck on my flatdeck. I was getting very tired so I pulled off to the side of the road for a short nap. It felt like I slept for 20 minutes when I heard a noise I can't describe or will even try to. At first it didn't bother me but the second time I heard it I was very curious to see what was making this noise. I sat up in the drivers seat and looked out the passengers window and saw nothing.

I started to turn my head to the left and got as far as the passengers front fender and my hair stood straight up. My eyes were watering like crazy, hands were sweaty. I turned more to my left to see something standing in the middle of the road. It was at least 8 feet tall, dark hair and about 800-1000 pounds, ape-like face, long arms which hung to his or her knees and big hands and feet. It looked at me for a couple of seconds and saw me move around in the truck and it started for the brush but kept looking back to see if I was going to move. Well, it was right I did haul butt. I put the truck in gear and started shifting as fast as I could..

As I started off my boss called me on my mobile phone and asked why I was taking so long to get home. I told him if I told you what I saw you would never believe me. He laughed at me at first until I used foul language on the air and then he knew I wasn't fooling around. He could tell something scared the hell out of me. He told me to keep driving until I got home. I said no problem there but on my way home I stopped in Split Lake to see Alex. He is the Band RCMP officer there and he also collects stories about Bigfoot and keeps it on record. I told him everything he wanted me to go back out to show him and Cordon where I saw Bigfoot. I told him " no way, you guys are crazy."

I started for home and I made it back to Thompson in 50 minutes. I was doing 65-70 MPH. This truck is not suppose to go over 55 MPH but at that point in time I didn't care I just wanted to be home. As soon as I got home I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer. The noise I was making woke my roommate and he asked said how come you are so white and why are you drinking so early in the morning. I told him what happened and he believed me to my surprise.

I stayed off Prov Road 280 for a week. To this day June 18, 2000. I will always look around for the time I am out of my truck till I am back home. Never to stop again if I ever see what I think is Bigfoot again. I know for a fact I will be going to the " Funny Farm. " I am scared to death of the thing called Bigfoot. I am scared to death of the thing called Bigfoot.

ALSO NOTICED: Found footprints and hair, heard a noise I still can't get out of my head.

OTHER STORIES: A guy saw Bigfoot cross the highway just outside Grand Rapids on 06/14/at 09:30 AM. I just got the last part of the interview on the NCI radio station FM. CBC radio and on a radio station in Regina, Saskatchewan.

ENVIRONMENT: Bumpy gravel road with a grave, pit (gravel pit) on the left side of the highway. Brush cleared ditch on the right side of the highway.

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