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Report # 12518  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 5, 2005.
Fisherman has an evening encounter with two upright figures near Stumpy Meadows Lake
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YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: Tuesday the 23rd

STATE: California

COUNTY: El Dorado County

LOCATION DETAILS: I was heading towards Georgetown and stopped on the dam at Stumpy Meadows where the concrete overflow runway is.

NEAREST TOWN: Between Uncle Toms cabin and Georgetown

NEAREST ROAD: Wentworth Springs Road

OBSERVED: After fishing small stream off Ice House Rd. and driving back on Wentworth Springs Rd. just past Stumpy Meadows campground I stopped at the overflow concrete runway on the dam. I looked to my left to the lake area that is roped off for the runway. It was just starting to get dark between 8:30pm - 8:45pm "I checked my watch after the incident." I felt the urge to put my cordless spotlite on and look to my right down the concrete runway giving it a quick glance my urge told me to look to the left into the trees, that is when I saw a pair of the biggest red eyes glowing back at me that I have ever seen. We watched each other for 2 minutes it then moved sideways and it was at this time I could see it's outline in the fading light. It was standing upright as it moved behind a tree, when it moved there was another pair of red glowing eyes but much smaller, I must rephrase and say shorter than the original outline.

ALSO NOTICED: I saw no one anywhere roads or at the lake the whole time I had past Stumpy Meadows about 3pm earlier that day until I was almost to Georgetown that evening.

OTHER WITNESSES: No just me and my dog, she is 3/4 Lab & 1/4 Queensland Heeler a great hunter she just watched it and made no noise during the encounter.

OTHER STORIES: I have always been aware that maybe someting is out in the forest of the northwest that we do not know about. I have been checking BFRO reports for about 2 yrs. now.
There is a report of a sighting at Stumpy dam that I relate to from winter 2004.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 8:30pm-8:45pm Just getting dark no moon out until 10pm-11pm
Clear weather conditions

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest when looking north on left side of the concrete overflow runway on Stumpy Meadows dam, 35-45 yards from road in the trees.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Cliff Barackman:

I spoke to the witness by phone. The following details can be added to the report:

• The witness was parked on the dam when he saw the figure.
• His dog stared intently towards the figures but didn’t bark.
• The encounter happened at a range of approximately 40 yards.
• He did not see any facial features other than the intense red eye glow.
• The figure stepped sideways behind a tree, which is when the witness saw the smaller figure standing nearby.
• The witness estimates the large figure’s height to be 8 1/2 feet tall, and the weight to be over 400 pounds.
• He gave a height estimate of the smaller one of between 4 and 5 feet tall. He described the body as “stocky.”
• The witness is an experienced woodsman who is familiar with the local wildlife.

About BFRO Investigator Cliff Barackman:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (Guitar) -- Cal. State Long Beach
  • Professional educator with more than a decade of experience.
  • Attended many public BFRO expeditions since 2005 (Redwoods, Sierras, Arizona, Southern California, Vancouver Island, Mendocino).
  • Attended and/or led numerous non-public BFRO expeditions (CA: Bluff Creek, Blue Creek, Stanislaus NF; WA: Stevens Pass, Olympic Peninsula, Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest; Ohio: Beaver Creek; Florida: Green Swamp)
  • Led the 2007 and 2008 California Sierra Nevadas Expedition (public), and the Oregon Expedition (public) in June 2008
  • Can be reached at

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