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Report # 12294  (Class A)
Submitted by witness no on Thursday, August 11, 2005.
Daylight sighting near Happy Camp
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YEAR: 1967

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: weekday

STATE: California

COUNTY: Siskiyou County

LOCATION DETAILS: Our back yard... Mountain I should say.



OBSERVED: My husband was a teacher and had left for school. Our daughter had just gotten on the grade school bus so it was after 8:00. There had been no water so I took the two little boys 3 1/2 and 20 months and walked up the hill to clean the screen to the intake on the holding tank.

This was taxing because I was 8 months pragnant at the time. We had just gotten to the top and I was going to sit on a big tree stump. The cat had jumped on it and immediatly arched her back hair on end and screeched. I looked to see what she was looking at and there was this huge man like thing... It's hair was long like a horses mane and 'flowed'. It was all black that I could see. It first dropped down, and then got right up and ran uphill, zig zagging around branches as it went. I grabbed the two boys and ran down that hill so fast. I could have gone a mile. My heart was really pumping.

ALSO NOTICED: We have trouble with bears some years. None stand. They run off on all fours. They are the black bear but if this was a bear it bobbed up and down and the hair was long and black on the head. When I see these big foot photo's they don't look like what I saw, but mine turned and ran. We have cougars off and on and those I worry about. They are seen going up our drive.

OTHER WITNESSES: Kitty sure saw it. My two boys didn't have a chance I grabbed them and ran. They listen when I tell the story to their children but do not add to the story.

OTHER STORIES: We moved here in 1960 from MN so all the stories I heard were probably for a flatlanders benefit. The loggers used to tell tails of great feats of strength. Mostly they were distructive things to equipment. This was before enviornmentalists.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: after 8:00 am

ENVIRONMENT: The hill behind the house, Ferguson Gultch runs all year along the side of the property. We live in the Klamath National Forest mostly fir and some hardwoods.

A & G References: Benchmark Maps Road and Recreation Atlas
pg 45

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jimbo Fay:

I had a long phone conversation with the witness. You couldn't ask for a witness with better character. She is well connected in the community.

She added that the creature ran bent over, as a soldier in combat would run under fire. She was adamant about it not going down on all fours. The hair also made a mane like appearance it was so thick and long on head and around the shoulders. She said it was extremely fast and if the cat hadn't alerted her to it she would never would have seen it, it was moving so quietly.

About BFRO Investigator Jimbo Fay:

Jim "Bobo" Fay is well known and well liked BF investigator in the north coast redwoods region (from Sonoma thru Oregon Coast, inland to Bluff Creek and Marble Mts.). He supports his BF investigations through jobs like crab fishing and logging. He was one of the notorious roadies with the rock band Sublime. Before that he was at Humboldt State University where he majored in Political Science.

BFRO Expeditions that Bobo has attended: California 04 (Redwoods - Bald Hills), Washington (Oly Pen -1), New Mexico (Jicarilla Apache), Washington (Oly Pen -3), California 03/05 (Redwoods - Coastal), California 05/05 (Redwoods - Coastal), California 03/06 (Redwoods - Coastal)

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