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Report # 1224  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Rene B. on Wednesday, July 19, 2000.
Possible movement and footsteps heard by women waiting in stranded vehicle
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YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 15

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Lincoln County

LOCATION DETAILS: Take highway 22 west from Salem following signs to Lincoln City, you will end up on highway 18, traveling through the Van Duzen Corridor, take a left onto Slick Rock Creek Road, which becomes Boulder Creek. Travel east on Boulder (becomes logging road, so it goes different directions) continue on the main road for about 2-3 miles and the road splits, take the right split, continue on the main road for another 3-4 miles and the road splits again take the left split, continue on the main road 2-3 miles till comes to another road like a 3-way intersection take the right turn, continue till there is a road on the left (aprox. 1/2 mile) that almost doubles back up the hill, take the first right (aprox. 1/32-1/16 mile), continue on the main road (this is a narrow road, there is another road that cuts back to the west just after turning on this one, but continue straight on the main road). The sighting occured about 1/2-1/3 miles in.


NEAREST ROAD: Boulder Creek Road

OBSERVED: While sitting in the Blazer (with 3 other females ranging in age from 13-34 all of which were sleeping) that was broken down waiting for help to return I noticed on the east side that there seemed to be something peeking out from a tree aprox. 20' into the woods.

I was thinking that it could have been a trick of lighting and the wind moving some branches as the only time I seemed to be seeing movement was when I was looking straight ahead to the north the direction the Blazer was headed and this was out of the corner of my right eye to the east and every time I would move my head to the right it would stop. I played this game for a while, but decided that if I was really seeing something, that I was going to have to turn my head to the right.

I dozed off for a while and when I awoke I was still looking off to the right (east) and there was something peeking around a tree that was closer more like 15' or so, so I just kept my eyes on the object and was able to make out!that it was tall, hairy, light coloring in the face except for the eye and mouth area. It didn't move but just like a shifting of feet once in a while. It didn't advance any more, but seemed intent on watching what was going on or in seeing just what it was that it was looking at.

I couldn't smell anything as the wind was blowing to the east. I didn't awake anyone because I didn't want to scare them. I didn't feel threatened, but I wasn't going to go and check it out either. At 3:30 help arrived and so I concentrated on what needed to be done to get the broken-down rig off the hill.

ALSO NOTICED: The footsteps that were heard were further down the hill, closer to the second split in the logging road. I don't have any more detail other than what I already said about that part.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were 4 of us up on the hill. I was waiting for my husband to come back with help. The other 3 were sleeping. I didn't mention this to anyone till later in the day. The 17 year old said that she had heard walking around the truck and that she knew the difference between 2 and 4 feet steping around and that it was something on 2 feet. She didn't see anything though.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Between 0100 and 0330 a.m. It was a clear night with a full moon shining from the east through some trees. The wind was blowing off and on coming from the east.

ENVIRONMENT: Fir trees, alder trees, blackberry bushes, salal and other shrubs. close to a couple of landings where the trees are starting to grow again.

Follow-up investigation report:

An extended investigation of this alleged encounter indicates a questionable interplay of terrain, moonlight and wind causing branch movements and shadows that probably persuaded Rene' that she was seeing something real. Sleep among all members of the party add questions of alertness and reality.

Other family members and friends have doubts.

This incident is published since the area has a history of alleged sasquatch presence. Investigators have encouraged these area residents to remain alert and gain better documentation of sasquatch spoor that can add increased credibility to potential future observations.

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