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Report # 1155  (Class A)
Submitted by Zcdt on Monday, June 15, 1998.
Newspaper account of an encounter with an unknown creature near Salt Creek
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YEAR: 1980

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Nebraska

COUNTY: Lancaster County

LOCATION DETAILS: In Lincoln Nebraska; Lancaster county on 27th and Fairfield Street about one and a half miles south of the city limit.


NEAREST ROAD: Fairfield Street

OBSERVED: A man on a motorcycle turned off of 27th street onto Fairfield Street. just in front of the Lincoln Electric Co. He said a bigfoot like creature ran in front of him causing him to fall, the creature proceeded south towards Salt Creek about half a block. This area at the time was very isolated. Now there are buildings everywhere and the city limits have been moved back considerably. It was in the papers the next day we lived about half a mile up Fairfield St. I remember not wanting to go outside in the neighborhood at night for awhile. The kids were still young so it must have been between 15-18 years ago. At the time of the sighting there was mostly farmland. The guy was so scared he continued on his way, after he got up from the fall he also said it just smelled terrible. Anyway that's what the Lincoln Journal and Star reported the next day. I must tell you the New Lincoln Electric System bldg was new and out in the middle of nowhere. Just a few new houses were scattered west and northwest of the building

ALSO NOTICED: Just the terrible smell.

OTHER WITNESSES: He was riding a motorcycle on 27th st. and turned onto Fairfield he was the only witness to this. He said the creature ran out in front of him causing him to fall.

OTHER STORIES: I'd like you to contact the Lincoln Journal and Star. They may have to go back a few years but I promise it's there, as god is my witness, of course there were few believers.

ENVIRONMENT: Mostly farmland open field around the bldg. A creek just a few blocks from the Lincoln Electric Co. Building. Houses were west and Northwest this area is between Fairfield and Cornhusker Highway to the south. The building sat in the middle of nowhere.

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