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Report # 11016  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 23, 2005.
Young witness has encounter during thunderstorm near Cave Junction
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YEAR: 1976-77

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

DATE: unknown

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Josephine County

LOCATION DETAILS: I think the cabins and old house were around ten miles from the caves. There is or was a forest service park about a half mile from the houses. The river or creek runs along the far side of the property. it was kind of marshy on the lower part of the pasture . the cabins were a dirty yellow. also we had a problem with bats in the big house so the University came out and netted some of them and marked there wings to see if they would come back to the same place after removing them.There were three cabins and one big house on the property I wish I had something with the address but its been so many years. I don't even know why I am telling you.

NEAREST TOWN: Cave Junction

NEAREST ROAD: Highway 46

OBSERVED: At the time of my sighting I was about 14 years old. My family and I lived ten miles or so from the Oregon Caves. I rode my horses around the area for several years.The night that I seen what ever it was, we had a thunder storm and being the horse freak I am, I thought that my ponies were going to get hurt. I had heard a report of a mans Arabians being struck by lightning. So I went out to check on them. I would take a lie detector test to this. On the right hand side of our pasture the river ran along side of it and the hot wire was to the chest of a fifteen hand horse this thing came out of the bottom of the river bed stepped over our hot wire fence and the only way I can describe the walk was like a swinging run because its arms and lags twisted with the run or walk or swing. I cant tell you how tall it was , I got the profile and it was big. very big.! Dark colored. I think it was around late summer or fall. I do have pictures of the house and cabins. The whole incident only took maybe a few seconds. It was fast. I never told any one about it until we had moved.I think we lived there up to 1978 then we moved to Montana ,I told my sister about it then. till this day she is the only one that I have told till now.I know it was Cave Junction , Josephine county, We lived right along side highway 46. The thing stepped over our fences like it was nothing then went across the road and up the embankment on the other side of highway 46.

ALSO NOTICED: It must have scared the horses because they were in the bottom part of the pasture. Down on the swampy end. The walk or run was the thing that I remember most . Because it was not normal. I didn't see its face or anything just a profile and thing was kind of not bent over but had its head and shoulders bent over kind of like it was looking at its feet. it never turned its head it just went strait across the upper part of the pasture ,stepped over the hot wire fences and continued up the hill on the other side of the road.


OTHER STORIES: Just friends of ours at the time that were miners up closer to the caves that always talked about the rotten smell, but we always joked and said it was just there goats they were smelling. I think some of the family still lives up there they mine for gold and make trinkets to sell to the tourists. There last name was Murphy.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Around ten or eleven pm. It was well lit, we had flood lights in front of the cabins. Dry lightning and wind

ENVIRONMENT: Mountains on both sides of the property with Highway 46 the only road to the caves. Lots of river, trees and the only pasture I think up that way was ours.

Follow-up investigation report:

There was a dry lightening storm the night of the sighting and the witness went out to check on her horses. The pasture was only about 20-25 yards in front of the cabin and illuminated by large floodlights. The pasture was located between the house and Highway 47. The witness states that she saw a very large upright creature step from the direction of the river and run across the pasture, stepping over the electrical fencing. The animal moved across the pasture and across Hwy 47 up an embankment. Witness only saw the profile of the animal. She described the animal as "huge" and fast. The arms were long and the hands hung slightly below the bent knees of animal. The legs were very thick and slightly bent as it ran. The head was bent down as if animal was looking at its feet as it ran. She saw an all over dark color, though not as dark as a black bear.

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