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Report # 1065  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, January 2, 2001.
Brothers see sasquatch watching them
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YEAR: 1992

SEASON: Spring


DATE: late may

STATE: Oregon

COUNTY: Umatilla County

LOCATION DETAILS: Mill Creek Rd. east out of Walla Walla cross mill creek near the water shed continue up the hill towards oregon approx. 1 to 2 miles.

NEAREST TOWN: Walla Walla, wa

NEAREST ROAD: mill creek rd.

OBSERVED: First of all I have kept this to myself for many years, for fear that people would say we were nuts. It was early summer late spring my brother and I were test driving his new toyota pickup, I guess it would be south and east of the millcreek watershed near the wash. oregon boarder.We had just crossed millcreek and passed the watershed entrance about a mile or so up the hill.The road was gravel and one side was steep embankment down into the gorg and the other went straight up.We had stopped to take a leak on the side of the road. As I stand there I looked across the gorg, it was approx. 100 yds. and there on an old tree stump was this thing, just standing there motionless looking at us. It was about 2:30 or so in the afternoon clear sunny day about 75 degrees. I quickly turned to my brother who was standing at the other end of the truck and told him to look up on the hill. We both stood there looking at this thing look at us for a good 5 min. or so. then as if it were never there it turned and disappeared into the trees. It looked like a large hairy man kinda brownish with dark streaks and patches on the shoulders and hips and legs.It moved so quickly , it was there one second gone the next. I do not recall any significant smells but it was big what ever it was.We could not get to the area where it was standing do to the terrain so we could not see if there were any tracks. But if they are out there that area above walla walla is where they are.

ALSO NOTICED: It was very quiet almost earry. Had the feeling We were being watched.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 standing near the vehicle.

OTHER STORIES: lots of local four wheelers have seen things up and around this area as well as morman grade area and five points out of dixie.they keep it secret because they don't want people trapsing through the area and messing with the wild life.The way I see it is if people were to find this creature they would just kill it or exploit it, thats just the way humans are find it kill it disect it. extinct it.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: early afternoon , sunny clear, about 70-75 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: sparse to thick forrest rocky terrain canyons gorgs mill creek stream nearby.

A & G References: oregon atlas pg86 A-4

Follow-up investigation report:

Mill Creek has a long history of sasquatch activity. This sighting, along with most in this area, have taken place along the watershed border.

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