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Geographical Index > United States > South Carolina > York County > Report # 977
Report # 977  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 1, 1996.
Boy witnesses Large, brown creature with yellow teeth eating grapes.

YEAR: 1986


MONTH: September

DATE: 9/15/1986

STATE: South Carolina

COUNTY: York County

LOCATION DETAILS: York South Carolina at Walnut Farm, Piedmont Area.

OBSERVED: This happened to me when I was 13 in upstate South Carolina. It was in the fall and it was late afternoon. We, my family, live in a very secluded part of the Piedmont area. The area is located in York County SC.

Located on the Road that I live is a hollow that branches of into a wooded area. During the fall, both sides of that hollow bear wild grapes/scuffonons. My mother, Joyce, had asked me to ride up the road to get my fathers paper. You see I had forgotten after the school bus dropped me off to pick up the Evening Herald. Any way I got on my Red Murray Bike and rode up the road. My plot hound, Butler, plodded along beside of me. As I biked up the road, the forest is on my left, field on my right, I began to notice a smell berry similar to a yard that has been freshly cut with wild onions growing in it. My dog noticed it first and began to slow down

At was then that I looked into the hollow and saw what has changed my life from that moment on. The creature stood about as tall as a small shed and was very large. It was covered with a light brown hair that showed up amber like an aurora around its body when the sun hit it. The face was very much like a Mongoloid man, and the eyes, hard to tell, brown. It was eating grapes and its teeth were yellowish. My dog left at this point and went back toward the house. It looked at me moved in my direction in a curious notion. I became scared and left towards home. I did look back to see it lumber over the fence. It came out of the forest only briefly and went back. My uncle was the only one who saw it again after that.

ENVIRONMENT: The land is most swamp and Hardwoods in that area, but the rest hilly.