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Report # 8561  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, April 29, 2004.
Husband and wife hear early morning vocalizations near back of Myakka State Park

YEAR: 1999

SEASON: Summer

DATE: Early summer

STATE: Florida

COUNTY: Sarasota County

LOCATION DETAILS: As I said ,this area is swamp area of the park,are street Ruff st. is right next to the large cannal that borders myakka park,no one goes out on this end of the park except ur local pot growers,becase it is very isolated,still is today.

NEAREST TOWN: North Port ,Florida, next to back side of Myakka State Park

NEAREST ROAD: ruff st.& the cannal that borders Makka park

OBSERVED: Hello, I just found ur web site, have 2 reports. NO B.S. This occured in North Port, Florida in 1999, in the summer. My wife & i were sleeping & about 2am we both woke up and heard something outside are window. We were living at the time on the backside of Myakka State Park. This area of Myakka State Park is very desolate, very isolated. Besides ur regular wild animals only other thing that would be walking around would be ur Florida marijuana growers in the swamps out here. My wife & i have lived in Florida 30yrs and both are avid outdoors types. I hung out in these woods in this area for over 20yrs,and thought I had heard everything, my wife also. Well anyway when we woke up and heard something out are widow, we had a very strong odor of something coming thru are window. My wife & i looked at each other with looks on are face ,with wonder, we both said at the same time, what the hell is out there, right as we said that this thing shreeked almost human sounding, but a real wild shreking...I was going to send our lab & pit bull after it but we couldn't get them out of our room,& they had never been scared of anything.Then I went to check on are little girl,she slept thru this. When this thing screemed in our window, to reach the window from outside it would have to be at least 7ft tall. We did not dare go outside, espically since our dogs wanted no part of what ever it was...


OTHER STORIES: Yes and Story was from a life long florida native.He said one night his young son woke him up & said something was at his window,he told him he's just dreaming,a few minutes latter his son said again dad something is at the window,he couldn't belive his son ,because his house sits up very high off the ground on bloks for the rainy season we have here in florida,this area floods very easily.he told me he went into his son's room and could see on the window something left it's breath on the window,it was witer so he saw some condensation on the widow,which sits about,7-8ft off the grond,The dad went & grabbed his shotgun& ran outside with his 3 hunting dogs.He said somrthing very large standing up right,with avery strog oder ran off to the backside off his proprty,into a swampy area.he did not shoot at it for he wasn't sure what it was.he told me his hunting dogs were nder the houe& took him a few hrs. to get his hunting dogs to come out from under the house...this area is on the other side near myakka state park.the directions to this loocation is out east on fruitville rd.go to the end turn right and go a few miles,the back entrance to the park is just a few turns in the rd. away.also he said it made a wild shreeking sound also..this area is pretty much swamps,he said it was around the early 1980's He was an avid hunter and never in his life saw something like it,also,he said his dogs never have gone to the area this thing ran off to...ever again...

TIME AND CONDITIONS: this was at night around 2am.was not raining ,I know it was summer rain season for florda.

ENVIRONMENT: swamps ,and some area's you can walk on,but mostly swamps..

Follow-up investigation report:

Witness sounded credible upon contact. Described sound as part human/part animal and very loud.

The witness also agreed to help with contacting the person involved in the secondary report for further follow up.