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Report # 847  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, December 2, 2000.
Daytime sighting from a farm house in the hilly area of Newton farm, outside South Kent

YEAR: 1968


MONTH: November

DATE: sunday

STATE: Connecticut

COUNTY: Litchfield County



NEAREST ROAD: Bulls Bridge Road

OBSERVED: This sighting happened when I was a young boy of about seven or eight years of age. It was a cloudy fall day. I was playing near a window in a second story farm house when something caught my eye. I watched as a hairy nine-foot creature walked up hill across the front yard. It had a huge stride, as if it were in a hurry. It kept looking back as it walked with its long swinging arms. When it turned its head it had to also turn its shoulders to be able to look at a 90-degree angle. I stood watching it walk along when it apeared to look up and make eye contact with me for only a second. It never broke its stride. It's eyes glowed like a raccoon or a cat at night when light is shined in their eyes. What frightened me was that it was still daylight. I didn't get really freaked until it disapeared around the side of the house. That's when I ran in to the kitchen were my parents were playing cards with another couple. I tried to get their attention but they didn't have time for a whiny kid who wanted a cookie or candy. It wasn't until they escorted me out the front door and slammed it in my face that they figured out something was wrong: There was no way I was going to hang around out side with a monster in the area. I flipped out --screaming, beating,kicking the door and crying for them to let me in. It was only a couple or three seconds and they knew something was terrible wrong. They let me in and I explained what I had just seen through tears. My father and his friend went outside to look around, probably thinking they would find a loose cow. I'll never forget the look on their faces when they saw the foot prints that dwarfed their own. My dad's friend was a tall man of around six foot two or three. When he stretched his legs to step from one foot print to another it was next to impossible. Their disbelief had turned to fear. They did however want to follow the tracks that went across a field that had been plowed recently. I freaked out again. They seemed to understand this time. They decided that going in a car would be better. We drove down a road a short distance, found were it crossed and went on up a hill. The tracks disapeared and that seemed fine with everyone.

OTHER STORIES: I asked my father about it years ago. He doesn't even remember. His ex-friend might. I know his name, but it was a long time ago. Ever since this happened I have had a big interest in bigfoot. If you're wondering why I have waited so long to report this: My recent purchase of a computer and the fact that people would think I'm crazy for believing. Seeing is believing.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mid to late afternoon. Overcast, cool.

ENVIRONMENT: Country (hills)(mountains)

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Kevin Withers:

The witness is a forty-year-old concrete boom pump operator in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At the time of the sighting, he was a boy living with his family in an apartment above a farmhouse on a Connecticut dairy farm where his father worked.

Somewhere between two and four o’clock one cloudy November day, the witness stood at a second floor hallway window and watched as a bigfoot crossed his front yard. It walked in a diagonal direction towards the house, from left to right, coming from the direction of a road in front of the house about 100 feet away. On this side of the road was a five-foot high stone retaining wall, which the bigfoot had to have come over if it had indeed come from across the road. It moved uphill at a very fast pace, as the witness described it, “swinging its arms enormously as it walked.” The witness said that, although it was taller and thinner, it walked like the bigfoot in Roger Patterson’s film. As it moved across the yard, three times it turned its upper body and looked back, as if it was watching for something.

When the bigfoot was 60 to 70 feet away, it looked up and, for a second, made eye contact with the witness. The witness noticed that the bigfoot’s large eyes had a bright, eerie yellow glow to them, like an animal caught in a car’s headlights at night.

As the bigfoot continued moving, the witness pressed his face against the window so he could watch it as it disappeared around the corner of the house. The entire sighting lasted five or six seconds.

Five or ten minutes after the sighting, two rifle-toting neighbors showed up at the farmhouse, asking if anybody had seen anything. They appeared to be scared and panicky as they asked "What did it look like?"

The witness and his father climbed into the car and drove down the road for about a half-mile, where they met up with their friend, who had been tracking the footprints across fields and over several more stone walls. He had followed them up over yet another wall, where they crossed a clearing and disappeared into the forest. Faced with the prospect of having to enter the forest to continue tracking, he ended the chase with "Let's get the hell out of here."

Comparing the height of the animal to nearby trees, the witness estimates that it was eight to nine feet tall. It was lanky but muscular, and covered with black hair that was thin and sparse, as if it was shedding. Its face was hairy, with skin of a “tannish” yellow color, and a flat, “mushed out” nose. A dome shaped head sat atop a thick, short neck. The bigfoot “looked more humanlike than monkeylike.”

The witness is unsure as to the length of the footprints; they could have been about seventeen inches long and six inches wide. The stride was at least six feet long, based on an attempt to duplicate it. The footprints went around the farmhouse, through an open gate in the back, and across a plowed cornfield.

While watching the bigfoot, the witness felt fear only after it disappeared around the corner of the house. Although he remarked that “The sighting is stuck in my mind,” since then he has not experienced any adverse psychological effects from it, although when he goes camping and four-wheeling he says that he “always thinks about it.”

The witness describes the area as heavily forested with pine, maple, oak, ash, birch, willows, and scattered scrub brush, broken by areas cleared for growing crops. The forest is not particularly thick, however, and can be seen through for some distance, especially in the winter.

Regarding the bigfoot’s eyes, the witness said that they glowed yellow for the entire time he watched the animal, but that they glowed the brightest when it looked directly at him.

Bigfoot eyeshine is a fairly common phenomenon in bigfoot sightings. What makes this sighting uncommon is that, in this case, the bigfoot’s eyes glowed in the daytime. Although most of the BFRO’s scientists believe bigfoot eyeshine, or eye glow, is a reflection of light, reports do exist where witnesses have described seeing this phenomenon in conditions of total darkness, where there is no apparent light to reflect.

A quick search of the BFRO database turned up two California reports where the witnesses described seeing bigfoot with yellow eyes: Report 615 and Report 913. The bigfoot in the second report, Report 913, also had yellowish facial skin, similar to the bigfoot seen by the witness of this report thirty-two years before, and over two thousand miles away.