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Geographical Index > United States > Ohio > Hocking County > Report # 8394
Report # 8394  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, March 28, 2004.
Family has encounters with a large, hair covered creature just on the edge of Wayne National Forest

YEAR: 1979

SEASON: Spring



COUNTY: Hocking County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was in Haydenville just off of State Route 33. The forest behind our house was Wayne National Forest.

NEAREST TOWN: Haydenville


OBSERVED: In 1979, my family and I lived on a farm in Haydenville, Ohio just outside of Logan, Ohio. My dad had just painted our front porch so we had to go out the back door to feed our dog named Wolf (he was tied up in the front yard). One particular night, my dad sent my brother Jim out the back door to go feed Wolf. Jim was 10 years old at the time and not afraid of anything. So he got some water and headed out back to feed the dog (now first of all, I need to explain if you stood at the back door in the kitchen you could walk straight through to our living room were my mom was sitting on the couch). Just as soon as Jim opened the back door, he dropped the water and slammed the door and ran straight to our mom on the couch and jumped in her lap. He acted like he couldn't talk. My dad came running in the room and started patting him on the face to get him to talk. Finally, all my brother could say was big, hairy, and building. He was too shocked to say anymore. After a few minutes, he finally told my dad that there was a big hairy man leaning against the building out back. The building was at least six feet tall and Jim said it was leaning on it with his elbow! After hearing this, my dad opened the front door, jumped over the porch, and ran to our dog, untied him and they ran out back. Wolf ran ahead but dad didn't get far. He was half way there and heard Wolf cry then flew past dad! Whatever it was, it slapped our dog making him fly past my dad!! So dad ran down to the garage to get some neighbor boys and there guns and they chased it back into the woods. We thought that was the end of it but it wasn't. The very next night my dad was in the garage fixing a car. Mom was putting my younger bothers and sister to bed upstairs. Me and my other sister Donna were down stairs in our bedroom (which was right by the back door). We had just got in bed when I looked over and it was looking in our bedroom window!! I was stunned. I told my sister we had to get up stairs to mom and to be very quiet. When he left our window, we got up and started out the door where we could see it at the back door trying to get in. We ran upstairs and told our mom. She said we were nuts since they chased it away last night. She started downstairs but only got so far down before she ran back up knocking me and my sister over. Mom ran to the window and started screaming for dad yelling it's at the back door!!! This time my mom had called the sheriff. When they arrived, they went through the woods looking for it. All they found was where it had apparently threw up and the acid burnt the ground. Heck the sheriff's wouldn't even go any further then the light of the farm house! After that, we never seen it again. I never told this story to anyone but friends and family because quit frankly, I really didn't think anyone would believe me. Buy the way the creature was probably seven feet tall or better. You could tell it had black hair but it also had lots of gray hair too. It looked to be very old. He looked like a man in the face but much bigger. It was very scary looking.

ALSO NOTICED: The acid burning the grass, and the little tree it had knocked down.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, the Logan Sheriffs Department. My whole family and some neighbors

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was late at night around 9:00 PM. It was a cool, nice spring night.

ENVIRONMENT: Wayne Natyional Forest was our backyard.

Follow-up investigation report:

The witness described that the face looked very manlike except for the hair, which did not cover the cheeks, eyes, and nose. The eyes gleamed a reddish color. The hair was dark in color and appeared to be gray or silver tipped on the head and chest area. Looking at it made the witness feel that this particular creature was very old. It had a really rugged look about it with lots of wrinkles. The door handle did jiggle like the creature was trying to open the door which made the family think it was trying to get in the back door to look for food. The sheriffs department acted scared to death and wouldn't go into the woods even though they were armed. It was never seen it again after the second instance. It could have been sick. They think the acid on the ground was from the creature vomiting. I plan to visit the location in the summer.